Sunday, November 21, 2010

Glebe Street Fair

Hello everyone! Today was such a lovely and warm day, so after waking up surprisingly early I went with a friend to Glebe Street Fair. A kilometre of road was closed off and filled with market stalls, buskers and performers all offering something quirky and unique! It was great wandering around, eating, drinking and laying on the grass in the sun (with a hat and sunnies on, of course!). And also, although this blog is mainly dedicated to all things food and health related, I've decided to add some other tidbits of my life, as it's fun to take photos and have an ongoing blog to look back on! Here's a few snapshots I managed to take of the day...

General hustle and bustle...
Eating a wholemeal wrap with roasted pumpkin, spinach and cheese. Yum!
Coffee/Chai stall
Fresh, icy-cold lemonade
Baby guinea pigs and rabbits! Aww
Is it a statue or is it a man pretending to be a statue? That is the question.
Chilling on the grass...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! 

Hannah x

P.S. Next week I'll be down the South Coast with a few friends, so I'll see you all in about a week!

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  1. Hannah this looks like such a glorious day!! I would love a chai right about now. Have fun on the South Coast!
    Heidi xo