Saturday, November 20, 2010

A very short picnic...

Last post I mentioned that I was going on a picnic. Due to the windy and cold weather in Sydney however it only lasted for about fifteen minutes but was still fun! And since we were freezing afterwards we ended up  going to a cinema across the road and watching the latest Harry Potter film! I thought it was a great film, but don't want to wait till next year to see the next installment! But back to the picnic and I did manage to take a few photos to share...

Here's a selection of the food. We had mini-cupcakes (I made in previous post), carrot sticks, rum and sultana cookies, vegemite and honey sandwiches and tea.
Wow, I'm cool
Eating a yummy honey sandwich!
But then! I was holding the sandwich to get something else and this ibis came and ran away with it :(
So...we got revenge by chasing the birds away with sticks
We're a pretty scary bunch

When the weather warms up, I can't wait to go on more picnics! Can anyone recommend some good spots in Sydney?

Hannah x


  1. Looks delish! We usually picnic at the park near Fox Studios, you know the one with the lake? Hmmm, maybe that's where you are in the pics? Lol.
    Ang xxx

  2. Thanks Angela! Ahh yes, it's lovely around there! Centennial park? We were actually in Victoria park, right next to Sydney Uni.
    Hannah x