Sunday, November 28, 2010

Having a Berry good time

Ahhh excuse the silly title, but the point is...on one of our days in the South Coast we took a day trip to Berry. It's only one stop away from Gerringong by train and the trick is, if using public transport to check the local train timetable as trains only run every few hours. We had a glorious day in Berry browsing through the many shops, having lunch at the Berry sourdough bakery (which I'll make a whole post on next), walking down the quiet streets and relaxing in the shade under trees. If you get the chance, I'd definitely recommend a trip to Berry!

Walking through the quiet, leafy streets
Admiring the beautiful houses and cottages. Isn't this house just grand? One day...
One shop I spent way too long in was the Berry Tea Shop. Being a lover of tea myself, I could have spent hours looking at the selection. There were such lovely teapots, teas, teacups and well, all things related to tea! You could even sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and cake. Bliss. 
Another shop I was particularly fond of was called One Wise Owl. It was a quirky, little store off the main road which sold natural skincare, recycled clothing, purses, candles, gourmet health foods etc. And I bought some homemade raspberry jam to take home!

Has anyone else been to Berry?

Hannah x