Sunday, March 27, 2011

My day on a plate

Hello :) My favourite part of "Sunday Life" magazine is the end section where a well-known person reveals everything they ate on a particular day, then a nutritionist analyses their diet and sees how they could make improvements. So basically, I thought it would be fun to do something similar today by photographing everything I ate. Of course there's no nutritionist though looking over what I've eaten- and thank goodness, because on the weekends my food habits generally relax...

10:00am. Breakfast! Decided to make an indulgent French toast with maple syrup, cinnamon, strawberries and caramelised bananas :) After eating muesli and tahini/honey on toast during the week it's so nice to take more time creating something super delicious...
12:30pm. A bunch of grapes! Because..."you can't study without food"
2:00pm. Weather was cold and windy so I made a soup with pumpkin, red lentils, leek, carrots and plenty of spices. Topped with greek yoghurt and cheese and had a side of steamed broccoli. Loads of veges!
4:30pm. My mother made rock cakes again! 
7:00pm. Made a mushroom risotto with swiss brown mushrooms, celery and plenty of fresh parsley. I haven't made a risotto in ages and this was delicious and very comforting indeed (especially with butter and parmasen stirred though!) I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver. Anyone want me to post it?

Of course I also drank plenty of water (and tea!) throughout the day but that's a little boring to photograph ;)

What have you been eating today? Do you find your eating habits relax on weekends?

Hannah x


  1. You're the best EVER!

  2. That risotto looks amazing! I'd love to try it sometime, and that french toast you made looks simply divine, a small taste of heaven. Well on weekends I often visit my grnadma for lunch and she makes a delicious assortment of food. For dessert she makes a special chocolate cake which i just can't resist.

  3. You eat so well, Hannah! I love that section of the paper too. I really enjoyed this post! I always love a good risotto recipe, especially Jamie Oliver.
    Heidi xo