Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carrot Muffins

Hello again :) I've just come back from a lovely brunch with a friend (at a cafe called "Envy" in Summerhill, if you're interested!). We both had brown rice porridge with stewed figs and pears and yoghurt mascarpone. It was just divine! I also had a soy flat white. Yum! Maybe I'll try cooking brown rice porridge for breakfast occasionally...

But anyway! Last night I decided to make Carrot Muffins as an after dinner treat. The recipe is actually called 'Carrot muffins spiked with goodness' because of all the extra yummy ingredients it has like cinnamon,  nutmeg, ginger, almond meal and well as carrots! 


Behold, the results!

I ended up making 10 smallish muffins (not all pictured!) and they went down a treat! It was nice to all sit down together in the lounge room, eating muffins and drinking tea. 

They were moist and light, I made  sure I didn't overcook them! I loved all spices and sultanas which gave it an extra kick! Mmmmm muffins! 

Here's a link to the recipe :) I can see myself making them again sometime soon! 

 I have my eyes on the prize! 

Now some music for your Sunday! It's a song called "Letters" by Matt Corby. It would appear he has gone from former Australian Idol finalist to bearded hipster. Impressive! (and I like this song too!). 

Well have a beautiful Sunday :) 

Hannah x

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  1. yay! you made my muffins! they look great in your pics. A very healthy muffin, I'm sure you appreciated the health aspect ;) Your breakfast sounds yummy too, brown rice porridge, delicious!
    Heidi xo