Sunday, May 8, 2011

Recipes for May + health blogs

Hello :) First of all, Happy Mothers day! It's a gorgeous sunny day too! I plan on making my mother some "Mummy biscuits", but more on that in my next post!

Now truth be told, over the last few weeks I've been quite consumed with Uni. As I've mentioned previously because of the early morning starts, travel time and late nights I've been opting for meals that are easy to prepare or in some cases already prepared. They actually have this amazing wrap at Uni with hummus, tabouli and salad which I've got a few times, but the fact is I haven't  really been cooking lately!

But I have been seeing some great recipes, mainly on blogs so I thought I'd write a list of new recipes I'd like to make in the month of May, as a way of inspiring me too cook more.

Recipes for May: 
1. Millet Mash. This recipe is from an amazing healthy blog called My New Roots and is a healthy alternative to mashed potato using the grain millet which I've never tried. Yum!
2. The Raw Brownie. This recipe is from the same blog as above and looks amaaazing. It's a super healthy and raw brownie combing dates, almonds, walnuts and cocoa.
3. Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard. This recipe comes from Sophie Dahls book and I've never made baked eggs before, so I'd love to try making them. I might have to substitute the Swiss Chard for spinach though.
4. Carrot Muffins. This recipe comes from the delightful blog Apples Under My Bed. They look so delicious and healthy too- and I've never tried agave before!
5. French Onion Soup. Another recipe from Sophie Dahls book. It looks divine and I can imagine eating this on a cold night with some crusty bread and a good book :)

Well there it is. Recipes I hope to make soon. Can't wait!! And I'll keep you updated on how I go ;)

What do you think? Have you been making some fab dishes lately?! 

Also, speaking of recipes and health blogs I actually bookmark quite a few, which I read most days. Here's a list of 5 blogs I've been reading lately:

1. Oh She Glows
2. Diary of a Nutritionist 
3. Susie Burrell's blog
4. High on Health
5. My New Roots

All amazing blogs, written by qualified nutritionists/dieticians and the like. Very inspiring and informative! Definitely check them out :) :)

Do you read health/food blogs? What are your favourites? 

Hannah x


  1. Ah thank you Hannah for the links to those blogs!

    I've read oh she glows before, but am inspired to start reading again!!! She really DOES glow! I want me some of that x

  2. Hey Hannah!
    I am an Oh she glows fan too but I usually raid her recipes rather than reading/rss feeds.

    I also like katheats - not a health blog, more of a lifestyle with a big focus on healthy food. is good - I am a fan of food photography

    The other food blog on my Rss is simply breakfast - not nessesarily healthy, but gives me inspiration

    I have started looking at tumblr now though! Getting lazy :)

  3. Annette @ Wellness WA- no problem! Oh She Glows is fabulous isn't it!! I love all her vegan baking and stories although I've never tried any recipes. And I bookmark your wonderful website too!! I love reading about peoples daily beauty/health routines the most :)

    The Bron- Oh thanks for the links :) I had a look at kath eats and it looks great! I'll check out the other one soon. Theres just so many blog to keep up with! haha.

  4. Hi Hannah, how lovely of you to include my muffins :) I hope you like them! I'm a little in love with that recipe. Need to make another batch soon. In terms of health blogs, I can't think of a whole lot. Rather ones that include fresh, delicious food that happens to be healthy :) 101cookbooks is a fav. As is - LOVE them :) & another vote for simply breakfast. I always enjoy reading yours too.
    Heidi xo