Saturday, May 14, 2011

Millet Mash + the Middle East

Hello :) So yesterday I decided I wanted to make some millet mash, which I blogged about the other week as a recipe I'd like to make in May. I did take a while trying to find millet though as I went to Coles and my local health food store which didn't have any! So in the end I walked to a gourmet food shop about 15 minutes away and luckily they had some! Here it is:

Its very simple to cook. You just bring it to the boil with twice as much water and simmer until cooked. Just like cooking quinoa! I used 1 cup as the recipe stated and it made a LOT. So next time I'd probably halve the recipe. 

I thought it was a lovely dish! It's creamy and nourishing, great for this freeeezing weather! And I really liked the texture of the cauliflower and onion too. Best to serve as I side I think, as a substitute for mashed potato etc.
I just decided to have some for lunch yesterday with some broccoli. 
And I also had some today for lunch with roasted potatoes, red onion, garlic and carrots. 
Yum! As you can see I'm loving veges at the moment! 

Here's a link to the recipe :) 

This is the first recipe I've made with millet and to be honest I'm not sure what else to do with it! I suppose it could be used just like cous cous, pasta, rice or quinoa. Or added in soups? Does anyone cook with millet or have a recipe for it? 

Speaking of grains, I've been also loving eating porridge in the morning! I decided the other day to have some stewed apples and berries with it too. However I think I added to much water to the pot of fruit as they was quite a lot of liquid. Maybe I should try just heating the fruit without liquid. Any suggestions? Thanks :) 

And here's some music for your weekend! It's from the Middles East's new album "I want that you are always happy". Really enjoying their songs at the moment :) 

Have a nice weekend!!! I'm going to go make some muffins. See you soon ;)

Hannah x


  1. Oh I've never tried millet before, but i think i may give it a go!

    when i make stewed fruit for porridge, I just add a tiny amount, like 1 tablespoon, then spoon it on top when the oats are cooked. :)

    I'd love to see the muffins that you baked, you give me great vege food idea's.

  2. Millet sounds interesting - I love quinoa, so if its similar, I'm sure I'd love it! I have also been eating porridge for breakfast in the mornings, with stewed fruit - like Leah, I just add a sprinkling of water to the fruit and cook it on a very low heat xx

  3. Leah- you should try it! and thanks for the tip! I think I added a lot more than 1 tablespoon ;)

    KittyCate- I love quinoa too, although millet seems to be lesser nuttier and probably closer tasting to cous cous. Although I've only tried it once mashed!

  4. I've always wondered what millet was!! I love broccoli with some EVOO salt, black pepper and lemon juice :)