Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday snapshots...

1. Raspberry jam on toast
2. The Sunday magazine and green tea. Doesn't Rose Byrne look gorgeous?!
3. Lunch: broccoli, asparagus, chickpeas, avocado and marinated feta 
4. Tea and a mandarin from Orange grove farmers markets. So delicious and juicy!
5. Greek yoghurt with honey & sultanas
6. Putting up some pretty postcards in my room

I've had a very busy week so it was nice to have a lovely, relaxing weekend. On Friday night I got to see Gypsy & the Cat at the Metro which was freaking awesome and such a great band to see live! Here's two of their songs: 

I hope your weekend was relaxing! 

Hannah x


  1. Mmm that jam on toast looks delicious - my favourite comfort food xxx

  2. Rose Byrne looks nearly as good as your avocado and chickpea salad!

  3. I saw Gypsy & The Cat at BDO and was really surprised by their performance. They were just a filler in my timetable but they put on such a great live show.

  4. Jane- thanks! Sometimes all I want is toast and tea :)

    sassy- hehe thanks :)

    soph- Oh awesome. Yes, they were really great live!! :)