Friday, May 25, 2012

Sadhana Kitchen

Hello :) After having a busy week, it's so lovely having Fridays off. This afternoon I decided to check out Sadhana Kitchen in Enmore with a friend. It's opposite Enmore theatre, tucked in the Jivamukti yoga studio. The cafe is focused on raw, whole foods. Think chia porridge, tea tonics, rice paper rolls, sprouted brown rice balls, raw lasagne, superfood smoothies etc. Yum! Delicious! Since it was the afternoon, we weren't too hungry but felt like something fresh. A smoothie was perfect.

Green smoothie with seasonal greens, mango, orange and flaxseed oil. Served in an awesome glass jar, this smoothie was exactly what we wanted. Super fresh, sweet and instantly refreshing.
My friend Sinead, looking gorgeous in the sunlight.

Next time, I can't wait to try something to eat! On Wednesday I attended another raw cooking class (on desserts this time, will blog about it soon!), so I'm certainly inspired at the moment to incorporate more raw foods into my meals. I've been really happy lately, learning more about raw foods, talking to people at the markets and getting generally excited about food all the time. 

On another note, I went to Florence & The Machine last night. Amazing! The lady knows how to put on an awesome live show and we were all on our feet dancing. So much fun :)

Hannah x


  1. oh! so jealous of you seeing florence. & of this cafe too, how I wish we had green smoothies on the menu more in melbourne cafe. I've never had one out!! boo. everything else is amazing in melbourne cafes, but they seriously need to get on that. It's the effort, me thinks...
    Heidi xo

    1. I think that was the first time I'd had a green smoothie out! this place is awesome, heaps of amazing raw food treats. there definitely needs more of that here too! Yum :)