Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Beauty: Oils Are Just So Versatile!

Hello :) This Sunday Beauty series has become a little neglected of late. So I'm going to put a stop to that, and write a lovely long post today, to make up for it. Today's topic is on oils. For your face! Or body! Oils are something that are super versatile and I've been using for a while. Especially important to use in this chilly, soon to be chilly-er weather, as dry skin usually pops up around this time. We need to nourish our skin more, with slightly richer products.

I thought I'd simply go through and tell you how I use oils and what kind I use. This is just what works for me! cleanse
In the morning I like to cleanse sometimes with an oil. Simply by massaging a few drops onto my face, then rinsing off with warm water. In the evening though, I do like to use a different cleanser which removes tinted sunscreen etc. Sometimes you can buy oil cleansers which do add an emulsifier to help remove such products though. Jojoba oil is taking my fancy at the moment, to which I've added a few drops of lavender essential oil.  Lavender is very relaxing and has a beautiful smell :) night, after cleansing
I mix about 2 drops of oil onto my fingertips and massage onto my face. It's nice to massage it on for a minute or so and it becomes a nice ritual and way to wind down. Rosehip is a favourite at the moment. remove eye-makeup with
Recently I've started to wear some eye makeup (usually a coppery eyeshadow, thanks for asking) which is fun but it's not fun when you have to take the products off. And I don't like buying many products. So I've been using this sweet almond oil (any oil should be fine) and it works a treat. I simply either dip a cotton tip into the oil and remove it that way or use a cotton facial wipe and turn the bottle upside down onto it (if that makes sense), and swipe it across my lid. Ta-da! It's easy and works really well. Plus the skin around my eyes always feel super soft afterwards. mix with a body cream, for hydration and nourishment 
As skin does tend to get dryer around this time (especially in heating), it's nice to pay extra attention and remember to moisturise lots. Well sometimes I like to add a few drops of oil to my body cream, when I'm mixing it on my hands first. I use a non-scented body lotion (I think it's a vaseline one, pretty cheap), so adding a few drops of oil gives a nice scent too. mix with hand cream
So lovely. Just mix a drop or two with a hand cream before bed and sleep with soft, hydrated paws. nourish the ends of your hair
I haven't done this before, but I've heard lots of good things about adding coconut oil to the ends of your hair, when it's wet, to add softness and nourishment. Has anyone done this before?

My oils all lined up!

Do you like to use oils in your skincare routine? 

Hannah x 

p.s. Did anyone notice it's actually Monday today, and this title refers to Sunday?! Tricky...

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