Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Day in Lyon

Hello :) If there was one place in our Europe travels, where I wished I stayed longer, it would have been Lyon. We were held up at the train station in Paris for a lot longer than expected, and really only had one full day in Lyon. But it really was a perfect day. It was Bastille Day for one, and a Sunday, so everyone seemed to be out and about enjoying the gorgeous weather ...

I was very excited to find a farmers market, especially after a failed attempt at finding one in Paris. But this one certainly made up for it and was exactly how I pictured a little French market. 

Cherries in the sunlight ...


Roasted chooks 

Olives! And so cheap ...I got two decent scoops for under 2 euro.

After wandering around the markets for a little while and sussing out the best stalls, we bought lunch supplies and sat here by the river. Our lunch included chicken, olives, peaches, and a baguette. 

Time for a wander around the town ... we found art and jewellery markets along the river, stopped for a milkshake, and admired all the old, colourful houses.

We came across a huge outdoor swimming pool and decided it would be the perfect way to relax before dinner. So hurried back to our hotel for swimmers, and got in after a while spent lining up. One of the most refreshing, relaxing swims I've had.

Mojitos after a swim. Yes please!

And then it was dinner time. Lyon is known as the food capital and I could definitely see why. We chose a little restaurant with a 3 course special, after meeting some Australians who recommended it. Seriously good food !!

Cured trout to start ...

Duck breast with an orange sauce, potato gratin and pumpkin mash for the main. Oh yeah!

I opted for cheese for dessert & it was divine.

After dinner we walked around the town, and up to a hill to see this very picturesque view of the rooftops.

Being Bastille Day, there were fireworks at 10pm, and so everyone sat along the canal listening to music and waiting ...we had a nice view!

Waiting for the fireworks. It was so much fun !!

And that's how we spent a day in Lyon :) 

In other news, I turned twenty one yesterday! The past two weeks have been quite hectic at uni (essays! reports! presentations! all at once!) so had fun eating dumplings and duck pancakes with Adrian, and enjoying a glass of wine (or eight)*

Hannah x

*I didn't actually drink that much.

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