Sunday, September 8, 2013

Perfect Paris

Hello :) Ahhh Paris. We spent 4 nights here, which was definitely necessary, as there was so much to see! It was Renee's third time here (lucky thing!), and so it was great she knew some basic French to get us around (I was terrible ...) I absolutely loved wandering around the streets ... everyone was really quite stylish, so we made an effort to dress up a little. It was fun. Oh and it was Renee's 21st here as well, which was special. It was also here where we learnt how to be patient ... as the lines for everything were so long!  Onto the photos ... & there's a lot! 

Just near where we stayed in Alesia was an amazing bakery dominique saibron where we went at least once a day ... for breakfast and sometimes in the afternoon. I had my morning croissant, as well as a quiche. There were so many divine quiches.. I think I tried 5 of them. And the croissants were perfection.

Chillin' near the Eiffel Tower. 

An amazing Indian feast! Renee had a fish tagine and I had this amazing lamb ... we were super full afterwards !!

Versailles was a must see. I was overwhelmed by the extravagance ... it was just astonishing. 

The gardens were so beautiful and a lot larger than I expected! It would have been nice to take a picnic and spend the whole day there, as other people did. 

Hello hedge

Of course we went to this cafe :) 

Renee's 21st breakfast complete with hot chocolate, a brioche for me, and a pain au chocolat for her.

On the morning of Renee's birthday we spent the morning at a local hair salon, being fancy and getting our hair done. It was quite interesting as we couldn't speak much French and they weren't able to understand our English ... but it all worked out and Renee coloured her hair a beautiful dark brown and I had mine cut into a nicely shaped bob ...

Perfect weather to do nothing 

21 forever!

Smoked salmon and cream cheese crepe. 

Wandering around the little streets ...

Well I was in France after all ;) 

Some more things I loved: going all the way up the Eiffel Tower (although I was quite nervous!), people-watching around Saint Germain, looking at fancy clothes in Galleries Lafayette, espressos (after too many "interesting" lattes we stuck to these), the super regular metro and just walking around the streets in the warm weather and really having the best time ...

Hannah x

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  1. It is perfect, hey? One of my bffs lives there at present. I miss her. & Paris! Oh the croissants... oh & your hair!!! Love.
    Heidi xo