Friday, September 27, 2013

On Being Thankful

Hello :) Since turning 21 not too long ago, it has got me thinking a little more deeply about relationships, the future, and life. I suppose because people consider turning 21 a bit of a milestone, it has me reflecting and assessing. I've come away from such thoughts, feeling utterly grateful, lucky, and appreciative for everything. Seriously. I feel that in the past year I've grown, become more confident in myself, and do feel a little older and more mature.

...some things I am thankful for:

Adrian. Almost 3 years & I couldn't be happier :)

Female friendships. I've been fortunate to catch up with lots of lovely ladies over the past few weeks, and have loved having honest and real conversations about life. There is something so nurturing and uplifting about discussing experiences, and realising we all go through similar emotions and thoughts and that we aren't alone in our worries. 

Mondays and Fridays free. This semester at uni has worked out really well, and I have those two days free. Since failing chemistry in the first semester of uni, I have been doing more of a part time load, but it has actually been a blessing. Commuting to Wollongong uni four days a week I think would be a bit too intense, especially as I work weekends. 

Yoga. On my days off I wake up early, get out of the house, and go to a yoga class. I love it. It's been a big lesson in learning to slow down, enjoying moments of stillness, and trying to translate that sense of calmness in everyday life.

Work. I graduate half way through next year, which I cannot wait for. I'm not entirely sure if I will continue studying or go straight into employment, but I am so thankful that my work at the moment aligns with what I plan to do. This summer I'm going to be interning at a Chinese medicine clinic and working more closely with Little China Teas, and will hopefully work out if Chinese herbal medicine &/or acupuncture is the route I want to venture into. At present I also have an interest in freelance health writing and blogging, and am looking forward to having more of these opportunities this summer.

The weather. Isn't it wonderful? The warmer weather has me thinking of summer holidays and icecream. I have next week off, and cannot wait to spend a few days in Kiama relaxing and sleeping in.

This blog. I am so glad I have this little space to share my thoughts on food, tidbits of my life and recipes etc. And I am curious to know, what you'd like to see more of on this blog? I'm going to continue the rest of my travel posts, but then what? Do you like reading recipes, or more articles like these, or posts on DIY skincare, or just pictures of my everyday life? I'd love to know.

I'll also add that even though today I've been feeling happy and lucky and loved, my life is not always this way. I realise my blog and pictures on instagram do sometimes sugar coat my life, but I too have crap days. But I think by trying to slow down and really taking time to appreciate life and the present moments, I am becoming more thankful, which I think is a beautiful thing.

A lovely brunch with a friend this morning at Bread & Circus

Sitting in a park this afternoon, wearing my new Nars lipstick and thinking man it's a gorgeous day! I should blog about it!

I'd love to know, what are you thankful for at the moment?

Hannah x

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  1. Gorgeous post, Hannah! Happy birthday. I love everything you put on this blog. You can tell the sense of calm and appreciation of stillness, maybe your yoga really does work. I've been trying to do more lately & have been appreciating those moments. I'd love to learn more about DIY skin care and teas and such.
    Heidi xo