Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello :) After Lyon, I was so looking forward to Nice. It was definitely time for a swim in the French Riviera. On seeing the beach for the first time, only a 15 minute walk from our hotel, we started laughing. I mean, it was just so flippin' beautiful! We couldn't really get over it. So here's a selection of photos and words from Nice ...

Posing just before our first dip in the ocean. The water temperature was perfect, I could have stayed in there for hours!

Although pebbles instead of sand = ouch!

 I was a big fan omelettes for breakfast, as I didn't feel like pastries every morning (every second morning, yes!)

One of many interesting coffees in France. After a while we decided to stick to espressos ...

Postcard worthy views 

We climbed up to see this amazing view !!

It was a super hot day, so were glad to find a waterfall at the top

In Nice our days revolved around swimming, walking, shopping and eating. I particularly enjoyed the latter and had a beautiful salmon for lunch on our second day. The view from our table ...

The salmon was absolutely beautiful and was dressed lightly with olive oil, dill and tomatoes.

Later on we had pesto gnocchi 

Walking around the old city ...

I must say though, as much as I loved the beach, I found it was a little too crowded and touristy after a while ...& there's only so much shopping one can do! 

Hannah x

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