Friday, November 27, 2015

Intern Lady

Hello :) I feel like every time I write a post now, it's to make a life announcement (haha) and today is no different. You'll probably remember that I graduated from uni a few months ago and have since been on the lookout for possible job opportunities. Well to be honest, there has been a lot of thinking about what I can actually do and what I want to do. So when I saw the application for this particular internship - it sounded perfect.

As of a few weeks ago, I'm the new Recipe Developer intern for I Quit Sugar (IQS). Woop! So pleased to find an internship that brings together my skills and experiences ... nutrition science, food market work, blogging, recipe writing and just getting excited about food! As you can imagine, it is seriously cool to go behind-the-scenes of a website and program that only started a few years ago.

I'm interning with the lovely Meg, who is the Recipe Developer - and we're currently developing and testing lots of recipes for the 8 week program next year. It really is such a thrill to be doing something I love - and meet lots of like-minded people. Oooohh and working in a hip Surry Hills office with so many good coffee shops on the same street ain't so bad ;)

Yep, everyone brings lots of awesome lunches to work! As there's a proper kitchen, a lot of people are often roasting veggies or heating up leftovers. The other day I brought some leftover marinated lamb with veggies. 

Since starting, I've been wanting to try some more recipes from the IQS books. A week ago I made this simple fennel tart with macadamias and cinnamon from the IQS for Life book. It really is so easy - a winner!

And today I decided to try out some sour kiwi fruit gummies using the new IQS gelatin - made from pasture-fed beef in Australia. I've never really played around with gelatin before and was really surprised how easy it was, they are so moreish!! The recipe literally has gelatin, water, kiwi fruit, lemon juice and a touch of rice malt syrup. Will definitely be playing around with flavours ... 

Some of you may be wondering ... if I've quit sugar? I suppose the short answer is no ... though interestingly since working there I haven't actually eaten sugar. I'm not going to say no to the occasional cake, and Adrian and I are having a little engagement party next week - I'm sure people are going to bring cake!

Have a lovely weekend everyone ...

Hannah x

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  1. wow, lots of congrats for you! Think the engagement first - that is huge. But the work experience sounds fab, hope you enjoy it xx