Friday, April 15, 2011

The joys of Almond Butter

Hello :) Yep, thats right. I've just discovered the joys of almond butter. It's my new favourite spread!  I'd heard a lot about nut butters before and even attempted to make almond butter once. I put about a cup in the blender, but was scared Oscar (...we named our blender) would explode so I kept stopping it every few minutes. In the end it actually turned out pretty well but I don't think I wanted to use up all our almonds.

So I was delighted when I found this the other night in the supermarket! It's made up of 100% raw almonds- which makes me very happy indeed.

Almonds are very exciting ;)

So far I've been spreading it on apples and bananas most of the time, and occasionally vitaweats. It certainly makes snacking on fruit a lot more substantial. 

...don't you think these look like boomerangs?
These aren't the most attractive looking apples- but quite delicious. 


Do you love almond butters or other nut butters? What do you like to eat it with? I'd love to hear some suggestions!

Hannah x


  1. I once bought a bag of pistacios from macro and they tasted terrible so i'm a bit reluctant to try their almond butter. but if you recommend it, it must be good!

  2. Yeah, I love Almond Butter too! I rotate between that and one of the Sanitarium Natural peanut butters - its pretty good and a fair bit cheaper if you buy the right jar. I also like ABC (Almond Brazil Cashew) and I think Macro has that one too.

    I like it on my crumpets with banana slices, on my oatmeal, stuffed into a fresh date as a snack, even on cold cereal. And when the jar is almost empty, I fill it with my oats and eat breakfast out of the jar :)

  3. I once had a friend who made some almond butter, and she brought it over to my house to try. I must say, it way delicious *cough, cough*. And almond butter on apples - very original - gotta love that!

  4. mmmm I adore almond butter. It's my favourite of all the nut butters. Aren't nut butters glorious? I'm loving almond butter + berry jam on thick grainy toast for breakfast lately.
    Heidi xo