Sunday, April 17, 2011

To Market

Hello :) Yesterday morning despite the rain, my mother and sister decided to venture to Eveleigh farmers markets. I had planned to go but had to stay at home studying for exams...blah!

Luckily they came home with some wonderful produce! They said they had a delightful time, watching Kylie Kwong cooking at her stall "Billy Kwong", sampling chocolate and healthy muffins amongst other goodies. I can't wait to go when my exams are over!! Food markets are just so exciting :)

Here's what they came home with...

Corn, fresh figs, portobello mushrooms, spelt sourdough and apples
Doesn't this bread just look wonderful!?
Wonderful mushrooms!
Now obviously all this food dictated what I ate for the rest of the day...

Lunch: portobello mushrooms with garlic and parsley on spelt sourdough

Afternoon tea: vanilla greek yoghurt with fresh figs and honey. This was divine!! I can't think of a better combination.



Do you love famers markets? What do you end up always buying? (for me its bread!) 

Also! I probably won't be posting again for about 2 weeks! I've got a few exams coming up and I'm going away for Easter. My friend and I are volunteering (in waste and recycling!) at The National Folk Festival in Canberra where I usually go every year. Of course I'll be taking lots of photos down there, so expect to see some in the not so distant future...

Hannah x


  1. I'm sure your mum and sister did say "We had a delightful time"...

  2. mmm mushrooms on toast is the perfect meal for such cold weather!

  3. just found your blog, love all the recipes, it's making me hungry. must try some =)

  4. honey + figs = heaven. seriously amazing. I love all the bread at markets too. Also apples and tomatoes - they always seem to stand out, especially against regular supermarkets/grocers. yum!
    Heidi xo

  5. Simple yet such delicious ingredients!