Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surry Hills Festival

Hello :) On this beautiful sunny day, a friend and I headed to Surry Hills Festival! There were two main areas with live music, market stalls and great food! Here's what my day looked like...
I had a soy chai tea at this chai tent. I was very impressed there was a pot for cows milk and soy milk! It was sweet and full of flavour from all the cardamon pods and other spices. How come my chai tea never tastes as good?!! 
Some sneaky purchases...a floral dress and long skirt.
Listening to music. This band was Tin Sparrow, who we also saw at Oxford Art Factory a few months ago. They were really good!
There were bicycles everywhere!
Look at her go!
Action shot...
At a different stage we also listened to this band were called The Retreat, also quite good. 
Later on we wandered down the road to Bourke St bakery which was very popular. It has its own cooking book out as well! So as well as eating all their yummy breads and pastries, you can make them too! Whats not to love?
Oh my...everything just looked so divine!
In the end I got a rhubarb danish. Just delicious. 
And a loaf of fig and barberry bread to take home :)
We also walked around the streets admiring the terrace houses. 
I think I fit in quite nicely...


Also! I spotted Kylie Kwong when we walked past her restaurant. I feel like, so famous ;)

Hannah x


  1. looks like a fab day out and yum the rhubarb danish looks delish!

  2. I agree, the rhubarb danish looks amazing!!
    Heidi xo

  3. Kylie Kwong is often at Eveleigh Markets cooking on Saturday morning, if you want more glimpses of fame ;)

  4. littleaspects- I was actually planning on going to those markets on Saturday but now I have to study instead :( I really want to go soon though!

  5. Hannah - the markets are great! Well worth the trip! Lots of delicious fruit and veg - I always spend a fortune! :)

  6. PS - good luck with the study