Saturday, April 2, 2011


A hot cross bun in the morning. I know I just posted this picture in my previous post but it was yummy- OK?!
My lunch: leftover gourmet vegetarian pizza balanced out with a super healthy salad (broccoli, spinach leaves, avocado and cucumber).
A and I ate crepes whilst listening to jazz. I liked how they were wrapped in doily napkins. Just delightful. Also celebrating the last night of day light saving! I also had a latte but some of it accidentally spilt over my favourite green cardigan :( 
Chai tea, white wine (not mine!) and garlic bread. Because you "can't order alcohol without food". Ahhh such is life. The garlic bread was delicious though with garlic (duh!) and mozzarella. 

How was your Saturday??... Did you do some weekend cooking?

Hannah x


  1. I wonder who that mysterious stranger could've been.. Can't say that my saturday was very exciting. JUst stayed at home all day curled up in my doona wiht a hot cocoa.

  2. Those crepes look so darling, just gorgeous. Such a cute picnic idea :)
    Heidi xo