Friday, April 15, 2011

My eggplant family!

Hello :) Over the past few weeks we've neglected our little eggplants :( To be honest, I haven't really been keeping a check on them. So when I decided to take a peek at them this morning, whilst picking some basil I was delighted to find a whole bunch of them ready for picking! I'm not 100% when the right time to pick them is (anyone know?) but I also noticed a few of them had been eaten by bugs so I decided some needed to be rescued!

Would you like to be introduced to my little eggplant family? I think so!

Family portrait.

This is Grandma and Grandpa eggplant. Unfortunately Grandma eggplant developed bad posture when she was younger, and thus has a rather curved spine. 

Father and mother eggplant. They're very proud of their little babies! 

Baby girl and boy eggplant. 

Well there you have it ;) ...don't tell them but I plan on cooking them soon!

Hannah x 

* I realise this is a bit of a silly post 


  1. Someday i want to grow an eggplant family of my own! Then I could introduce them to yours for a tasty baba ghanoush

  2. how uncanny! i'm growing eggplants too! and they've just started to grow eggplants. i'd say they're in foetus stage atm. about 3cm tall. i don't think i could bear blending them for baba ghanoush...