Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday night fun!

Hello :) Tonight I had lots of fun, catching up with friends. First of all we saw the movie Never Let Me Go. I was very excited to see this film, as I'd recently read the book a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Well luckily I thought the film it was really, really good. And the music was stunning- I adore listening to the cello. 

Afterwards we initially wanted to have dinner at this Mexican restaurant (where they were $3 tacos and tequila shots on Tuesday night!) but they wrote our booking for the wrong day so we didn't get a table :( So for dinner we ended up going to a vegetarian cafe where we'd been a few times previously called Badde Manners. Has anyone else been there? It's in Glebe.

We shared two dishes including this nachos. Very delicious but super filling! 
We also ordered this tofu burger with satay sauce. I loved the chunks of tofu, almost meaty ;) 
It's me! Looking very 'candid'...(that was the aim) 
And my gorgeous friend Renee. 

And that is how my Tuesday evening was spent! Lovely :) 

Hannah x

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