Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A book per week.

Hello :) Yes, that has been my goal for the past month. Reading a book per week! At first it seemed a week  was not very long to read a novel, especially during a hectic Uni schedule. But I am travelling 1.5 hours each way 4 days a week, so it is sufficient time indeed!

I do love reading, and used to read lots of books when I was younger, my bookshelf now piled with childhood classics and authors such as Emily Rodda, Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. Over the past few years though, although I have read some novels they have been few. I usually get engrossed in a book, read it within a few days, then forget to read for another month or so. My mother reads a book every few days so we're continually borrowing books from the library or buying them from library sales or opshops. Our house is a bookshelf I tell you!

So what have I been reading in the past month?

Well I started with a book from the library called "Lilia's secret", a wonderful story set in Mexico about discovering your past. I then progressed to Tim Winton's novel "Breath" which I loved and thought was profound and beautifully written. Last week I read "Finnikin of the Rock" by Melinda Marchetta, which was an interesting read, proving a little hard to get into but nontheless a great, extremely well devised and written novel.

And this week I am reading the classic Charlotte Bronte novel Jane Eyre, in anticipation for the movie adaptation I hope to see! I'm finding it a really good read, often poetic and melancholic.

So far I've been taking great pleasure in reading more novels and taking time out from study to become totally engrossed in other people lives and stories, even if fictional. I suppose reading has become a form of escapism, as assignments, mid session quizzes, exams etc pile up. I think through continuing this, I'll start to find more of a balance between study and leisure.

Even though I think what we eat is critical to our health and wellbeing, on a more holistic scale, our mental health is just as important. I think when uni or work become stressful and exhausting we need hobbies and things to look forward to. Whether it be reading, or playing an instrument or participating in sport, or whatever, it's important!

Next on my list of book is Anh Do's autobiography "The Happiest Refugee" which my entire family have read and loved. There's other books in our house which look interesting too!

What are you reading at the moment or what are some of your favourite novels? I'm going to the library on the weekend so I'd love some suggestions! :)

Hannah x


  1. Harry Potter is fab. But there are a lot of great books out there. I always have liked reading classics like White Fang, Great Expectations, etc.

    There are a lot!

    Reading one a week is a great goal to have! Good luck :)

  2. Oooh! Good luck with it! Happy reading! :)

    I really need to pick a book to finish... (I have a few going at the moment, and don't have time to read - it's taking FOREVER to finish one!)

  3. Anon- Woo, harry potter!! I've only read up to number 5 but i'd love to read them all one day. x

    Amber- Ooh I read half of great expectations, but then forgot about it. But one day I will persist with it :) Thanks x

    Cecilia- haha that happens to me too. I'm reading a book, find another read some of that and just have half read books lying around! Goodluck to you too! :) x

  4. Have you read 'some girls' great non fiction tale about Brunei and Prince of Brunei and an American girls insight into it. Great book