Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moments in quiet contemplation.

Hello :) Uni is busy busy, so all I want to do on the weekend now is curl up  in bed with a book, catch up with friends and bake cakes. I've been trying to study as well, as exams are coming up, but it's the downtime I've been enjoying most. Time spent reading, eating and reflecting...

I was trying to finish Jane Eyre as I went and saw the film today :) I still have 50 pages left but oh well! The film was just beautiful, I very much recommend it. This is actually chai tea I made, it was so yummy! I've realised the trick is to cook it on the stove and heat up the milk. I added chai tea we had as well as more crushed cardamom pods and cloves, sugar and cows milk.
 I made this quinoa fruit salad on Saturday morning whilst looking out at our garden. I cooked the quinoa with a teaspoon of chia seeds, topped with strawberries, a banana (exciting!), kiwi and orange. Then I sprinkled almond flakes on top and drizzled with agave :) 
My lunch today. Yes that's right, I had English Breakfast tea and scones for lunch. 

And finally, I could listen to this song again and again...

So that's all for now. I'm enjoying these last few hours of Sunday before the business of another week begins...

Hannah x


  1. Love the tea cup in the first pic.

    Awesome idea to put chia and quinoa into a fruit salad! Looks like a relaxing weekend Hannah xo

  2. how divine is your meal! So sweet with the Jane Eyre book!
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  3. Leah- thanks :) Yeah, the chia seeds give it a nice 'crunch'! xo

    Cecylia- oh thanks :) I loved the book (well I haven't quite finished it...) xo