Monday, August 1, 2011

My weekend.

Hello :) This weekend was thankfully sunny & warm, meaning I spent most of it outside soaking up the sunshine!

I had this for breakfast on Friday (which I count as a weekend- not having uni), Saturday and Sunday! it seems to be my current favourite breakfast. Porridge with raspberries, walnuts and agave. I used rice milk which I really like at the moment- it's by Vitasoy and I thought it was interesting that it's enriched with calcium from chickpeas! I also find the taste of the rice milk really palatable early in the morning- sometimes the smell of cows milk and even soy milk can be really off-putting I find.
On Friday morning I finally bought ballet shoes :) I feel like I'm six again! 
Then in the afternoon A and I saw the movie 'The Trip' in Leichhardt, which was a lot funnier than expected! We had gelato beforehand and I thought this photo was particularly attractive (sorry A...)
 On Saturday morning I got a lift to Rozelle, walked around for a bit then wandered around the markets. Being cold I almost bought a cardigan but when the sun came out there was no need. I did end up buying these shoes though which fit perfectly! 
I made these carrot muffins when I came back from the markets, this time using soy milk instead of cows, using brazil nuts instead of walnuts and sprinkling chia seeds on top. I'll admit they weren't as nice as when I previously made them- but certainly that extra bit healthier ;) 
On Sunday we celebrated my Grandma's birthday at our house with family, which meant a lot of cooking (and washing up!) in the morning. My uncle made these delicious spring rolls with a dipping sauce made of coconut milk, lime juice, fish sauce and chilli! 
What I had for lunch: lots of roast veges, salad, pesto pasta (which I made!) and vegetarian biryani
And for dessert apart from cake we made these baked apples, a recipe courtesy of Sophie Dahl. We'd never made them before and were impressed with how they turned out! The only criticism was a few sultanas on top were burnt, but oh well. 

And that was my weekend! Let's hope this gorgeous sunshine continues :) :)

Have a fab week!

Hannah x


  1. I find rice milk to be a little sweet tasting - which works really well for porridge!

    All that food looks absolutely divine - baked apples, yum! I'd just pick the burnt bits off. :)

  2. Rice milk really is perfect for porridge! It's my favourite one to use.
    What a great sauce your uncle made for the spring rolls! I would never have thought of using coconut milk but now can't get the thought out of my head:)

  3. woah your baked apples look amazing!

  4. love the baked apples, looks colourful :)

  5. Cecelia- Mmm it probably is the sweet flavour which I find appetising! And thanks, I did end up picking off the burnt bits, haha :) x

    Sarah- Good to hear! It was a great sauce flavour wise with the coconut, I'll have to try making it! x

    Suze- Thankyou! Although I credit it mainly to my mother... :) x

    obesebaby- Thanks, the colour is quite vibrant :) x

  6. the spring rolls look fantastic. You need to get that recipe from your uncle for me ;)

  7. This food all looks amazing!
    Would loveee the spring rolls recipe!

    - Michaela

  8. Leah- Thanks! haha I really should, from memory it had chicken (ooooh!), rice noodles, chilli, bean sprouts and basil if that helps :) x

    Michaela- Thanks :) I think thats what were in them ^

  9. Looks like a yummy weekend! I've never had baked apples before - what could you serve them with?

  10. Keely- We served ours with greek yoghurt which went really well. I reckon homemade custard or vanilla icecream would be scrumptious too! Or without anything else :) x

  11. oh my goodness hannah! that porridge looks divine. and i'm not really even a porridge fan but i've gotten into it recently. and your ballet flats are cute too. :)


  12. hannah-rose- thankyou! It tasted delicious, my favourite combination at the moment, so great you're getting into it :) Woo! x