Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tofu burgers

Hello :) Lately burgers have been on my mind. I always love getting vege burgers when I'm out for lunch and have made these lentil patties in the past, but when I came across a recipe from Heidi Swanson I wanted to make them straightaway especially as we had all the ingredients and they looked so nutritious and wholesome. Well a few weeks went by and I thought today was the perfect day to make them :)

So here's the amazing thing about these burgers- they don't fall apart in the pan! It's terrific. The eggs and bread crumbs help bind them together and the tofu works really well. Who would have thought to whiz up tofu in a burger? Brilliant. I didn't have any dried breadcrumbs as the recipe suggests so I simply blended up fresh breadcrumbs put them in the griller for a few minutes to get a little crunchy which worked well. There are so many other great ingredients in these burgers- cashews, mushrooms, sunflower seeds with a kick of cumin, cayenne pepper and mustard.

I'll admit before I pan fried them they looked a little reminiscent of cat food (haha) so I added some chopped parsley from our garden to spruce it up a bit. But when they are cooked they become a deep golden brown and look delicious!

Here's how I made my tofu burger lunch today. And of course, here's a link to the recipe.

I defrosted a bread roll we had in the freezer from Bakers delight. Very handy! Then I spread some avocado on and placed a burger on. It fit perfectly, don't you think?
I added a slice of tomato. 
And a small handful of a rocket/baby spinach mix. 
Lots of alfalfa sprouts. Love those!
And to finish, a big squeeze of sweet chilli sauce. 
um....YUM! The end result was very scumptious. I also made one for my mum. And she loved it :) Of course you could use any salad you wanted with it. 
I had 100g less tofu than the recipe suggested and my mixture made 7 patties/burgers, although I squished them quite flat. And so theres now 5 leftover, sitting in our fridge, waiting patiently...
You can see I took a slice out of the bottom right burger. Woops!

Mmmmmm :) Do you like making burgers? I have another delicious looking burger recipe which I hope to make soon. Maybe this'll be the start of a burger making series... ;) 

Hannah x


  1. You are right. That burger is perfect! I've seriously never met a vegie burger I don't like. There is just such a variety of non meat burgers to have. Meat ones just become boring.
    You should really do a series:)

  2. Sarah- Thats so true, there are so many to choose from! I love you can basically whiz up any legume and add veges and spices to create something delish :) x