Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Potato Rosti Breakfast Salad

Hello :) So last week whilst trawling through The Circle website, as you do, I came across this tasty recipe called "Potato Rosti Breakfast Salad", cooked by who? "The hottie" from Masterchef, Hayden Quinn. Sqeeeee! I never really watched Masterchef this series to be honest, but it was pretty clear who every female wanted to win.

Anyway! This dish looked really yummy so I decided to make it on Sunday for a light lunch. Here's a link to the recipe. You can watch him cook it too!

And it was oh so delicious! I can't believe I've never poached an egg before! It was a lot easier that I expected and if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty darn well ;) 

The rosti's were great to make as well and tasted like hash browns, yum! I used our small food processor which grated the potatoes in a few seconds. It's very important to squeeze as much water out of the potatoes too. 

I enjoyed the salad as well, courtesy of a lovely dressing made out of djion mustard, vinegar, honey and olive oil. 

So each of the 3 elements (the egg, rosti's and salad) worked very well together, although I can also see myself making them separately. I might try making the potato rosti's with some sweet potato too...
Oh and he mentioned cooking them with ghee which I know you can easily make with butter, so I might be trying that on the weekend ;)

Have a nice rest of the week! I'm sick at the moment but trying to get better!! :)

Hannah x


  1. I pretty much stopped watching after he left. ;) This looks amazing. You always take the time to whip up such delicious meals. X

  2. Hope you get better Hannah! This looks like the perfect meal to wake up to on a Sunday. Egg + Potato = match made in heaven.

  3. Sonya Harris- hahaha I think my sister did too! And thankyou, mind you this is weekend cooking...during the week its all boring salalds, omelettes etc cause I don't have time! x

    Keely- Thanks, slowly getting there! Agreed- egg and potato is a pretty yummy combo :) x