Saturday, August 27, 2011

A delightful Saturday

Hello :) Just a few snapshots of my day so far...

In the morning I went with my friend Tara to Glebe markets. I may have bought these shoes which I kind of love ;) I say it a bit hesitantly though because I have quite a collection of vintage shoes now. I just can't help it when they fit so well...they can't be left behind! I justify this pair though because they are black (always versatile!), made in Italy, comfortable, very reasonably priced, and the mini studs make them rather unique, don't you think?
After we potted around the markets we had coffee at this adorable French patisserie. I had a soy cappuccino and a small sour cherry pastry, so yum! I also bought this light rye loaf. I mentioned in my last post I haven't eaten bread in a few weeks, so I had to buy a delicious loaf. The toasted sunflower seeds just make it. For a late lunch I had a few slices with fresh ricotta & strawberries. It's sooooo good and I got the idea from Cate's blog where she had this combination on a bagel. 
In the afternoon I did some study for Biology and this is the view from our sun room. Isn't this native bush lovely?
And look at one of our veggie patches! We just started to grow tomatoes, lettuce as well as lots of herbs. 
Frankie magazine came out this week, oh so exciting! It's such a delight to read on the train to uni. I think I accidentally squealed on the train when I came across a recipe for "strawberry, apple and vanilla jam. And they provide amazingly cute stickers to label your jam!! I'm going to make it with a few friends next weekend! 
I finished Anh Doh's autobiography the other day which I immensely enjoyed and already have my book I'm going to read next week, "Perfume: the story of a murderer". I loved the film, so I can't wait to read the book :) 

What have you been up to this weekend?

I also saw Horrible Bosses with Adrian yesterday (his choice, not mine). I'm not going to lie, it was pretty hilarious! 

Hannah x


  1. I'm pretty jealous. Those are great shoes, I would love a pair like that. I loved perfume, I hope you do too.

  2. Ahh how good is ricotta and strawberries on fresh bread?! Sounds like a great weekend so far :) xx

  3. Anon- Thanks, just keep your eye out at markets! (a lot cheaper than proper vintage stores!). So glad to hear you liked the book, now I can't wait! xo

    Jane- Oh my, it's amazing...I've eaten so much ricotta in the past day...on that bread, in pesto, straight from the tub. Woops! xo

  4. Those strawberries look so delicious!!
    I am so angry at my local coles as every time I have bought strawberries in the last few weeks they are all gross and I can't eat them.

    Ahh that book!! I have been meaning to read it in so long! Might have to get myself a copy! And you'll have to blog when you make the jam - I want to make some but am scared I'll ruin it somehow!

    Yah! We do go to the same uni!! such a small world, honestly! Yah I commute from Sydney! It would be nice running into a fellow blogger!!!

  5. Michaela- Don't worry, thats happened to me too!! Ah it's super annoying. I'm halfway through the book, it's great and easy to tread! :) xo

  6. Love the shoes! Being vintage are they extra comfy? Glad you've stamped Horrible Bosses with your seal of approval - I've been tossing up whether to see it or not and am keen for a laugh.

  7. Keely- they are v. comfy actually! They're about half a size too big which is a good thing, meaning they won't rub and cause blisters :) haha hope you enjoy it :) xo

  8. I think I need to try strawberries and ricotta on bread it sounds so yummy!


  9. Laura- you should, it's the best!! :) xo