Monday, November 7, 2011

Yummy homemade face masks...

Hello :) Lately I've been all about natural skincare. And recently I've been having fun making my own  face masks! Why pay lots of dollars for products, when you can whip up something just as effective in your kitchen? So on the weekend, on each day I decided to do just that.

On Saturday the ingredients I used were oats, rosehip oil, lemon, a used rooibos tea bag & yoghurt. The oats and rooibos tea acts as an exfoliant, whilst the lemon helps to brighten and contains natural exfoliants (AHA's) and the rosehip oil and yoghurt help to soften and nourish.
I crushed the oats in a mortar & pestle, removed half the contents of the rooibos tea, added a few drops of lemon juice and rose hip oil and mixed it together with the yoghurt. 
Then applied this to my face, massaging gently too. Steaming your face prior to this is probably best, although I didn't. My sister said it looked like I had mustard on my face, which is kind of true. 

On Sunday I made another. Although I'd usually do this only once I week, it was a perfect way to relax and take a break from study. I used almond meal, honey, milk & jojoba oil. This time the almond meal  was used as a gentle exfoliant, and the honey, milk & jojoba oil helped to moisturise. 
I basically mixed all the ingredients together into a paste. I must say this smelt really good, especially with the honey!

So after I left my masks on for about 10-15 minutes, I rinsed my face with warm water and popped on some moisturiser. My skin was all soft and glowy :) At the moment I'm using the acne cleansing cream (a moisturiser) from Moogoo, which is light and wonderful. I've also started to use their deodorant too, which doesn't contain aluminium and smells really good! You can read more about it here if you like :) 

Sometimes just adding some crushed oats or almond meal to your cleanser every now and again, is a nice way to exfoliate. 

And some other ingredients to use: olive oil, rice flour, clay, berries, sweet almond oil, avocado, tahini.

 I actually got some of these ingredient ideas from a book I'm so happy I purchased a while ago called Feeding your skin (by Carla Oates). It's a fabulous book full of DIY skincare ideas. I think I might look out for some clay...perfect for facial masks & drawing out impurities. Fun! Maybe I'll post some of her actual recipes if I try them out...

Do you like creating your own skincare? Body scrubs are also fun & easy to make (olive oil and sugar, that's it!). 

I think making your own face masks are such a fun & inexpensive way to take time out & pamper yourself! 

So go on now... smoosh some berries on your face already ;) 

Hannah x


  1. oh I love these ideas for DIY facials - how convenient and cheap! :)

  2. Awesome! I haven't made my own scrubs/masks for way too long. I used to love mashed avocado, honey + yoghurt, and I love the olive oil/sugar combo for a body scrub. Love the sound of your first mask with the rooibos tea! Must try, thanks heaps xx

  3. Ali- they're great- super cheap :)

    Emma- Ooh that sounds like a fabulous combination, avocado is so nourishing!! Rooibos tea is great to use, you smell nice too ;)