Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coconut & chia pudding with raspberries

Hello :) I'm loving these holidays so far! Today the weather was gorgeous, and I went swimming at Coogee beach with a few friends and had a delicious vege burger from a cafe nearby. We also walked around and went swimming in Gordons bay, on the way to Clovelly. Sooo nice! I think my friend and I plan on living there this summer and next time taking cider, books, delicious food etc to make a fun day of it! Shall be grand...

Well yesterday evening I decided I wanted to make something light & healthy for dessert. That is when I remembered I'd bookmarked a recipe that was exactly that! Coconut & chia pudding with raspberries. I came across the recipe via Wellness WA, when Annette had done a healthy cooking class with Michelle. The recipe itself is so simple, all you do is mix the ingredients (coconut milk, chia seeds, agave and vanilla extract) and leave it for one hour. I'm sure you could substitute the agave for honey or maple syrup etc. The chia seeds expand in the coconut milk, it's really quite cool!

Without raspberries...
With raspberries...

Yum! I was so impressed with this, and everyone in my family liked it too, score! Such a super healthy, light, and creamy dessert. 

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend :) I better go and get my brown rice tart out of the oven!

Hannah x


  1. This looks delish. The nudie banana, apple and chia seeds juice has got me loving chia seeds. Been meaning to buy them. Will have to try this out when I do get them.

  2. That looks so good and I have chia seeds in the pantry waiting to be used! Going to try this :)

  3. Dressed and Eaten- yes!! I totally read about that nudie in the paper yesterday, it's sounds amaaazing!

    Gillian- awesome :)

  4. You had me at coconut! Well actually at chia as well. Great little superfood that tastes way better than it looks. And anything coconut is my friend!

  5. It does look so wonderful and creamy, but light! I've just finished a recipe for a chilled breakfast pudding, which uses chia seeds and is topped with berries. Puddings are the best, and when you can make them healthy it's just fabulous!
    Heidi xo