Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lots of weekend snaps!

Hello :) Time for a recap of my weekend so far!

Started off with a bowl of quinoa & oat porridge, this time topped with flaxseeds and chopped nectarine and kiwi fruit.
A fresh vegetable juice, I hadn't made one in ageeees! I also added an orange and spinach. Don't worry though, I didn't add all of that ginger!
Lunchtime. I made French onion soup for the very first time after seeing this scrumptious recipe :) The smell of the onion & garlic with the butter was just amazing...! Next time I might add some balsamic vinegar at the end when the onions & garlic are cooking, and possibly add some herbs too, but otherwise it was simply wonderful! 
After an afternoon ballet rehearsal I walked up and met my parents for a light dinner at Sabbaba in Newtown. We shared this falafel plate as well as wholemeal pita bread, corn chips & guacamole and vine leaves. Seriously delicious! And for a sweet treat afterwards we shared medjool dates stuffed with halva and walnuts. Soooo tasty! was off to the Seymour Centre for my sisters dance concert. She was wonderful of course and now I have a sudden urge to learn hip hop, even if it was inspired by 5 year olds dancing to "Whip my hair" by Willow Smith....

Curried soft boiled eggs on toast with alfalfa sprout was an exciting way to start the day! 
All this rain has been excellent for our garden, so guess where these gorgeous looking tomatoes are from? Yep, they're homegrown! I can't believe how many we have (there's a lot more!), and they actually taste really good :) 

Well I better go enjoy this sunshine! I think the rest of my day will involve reading, handing in resumes (did I mention I need a job?) & swimming laps later on at the Ian Thorpe aquatic centre. 

And a quick "Happy Birthday" to Tara, who celebrated her birthday in Brighton yesterday :) :)

Hannah x


  1. So amazing and delicious looking as ALWAYS!

    I just bought a kiwi fruit so am super keen on that porridge. Also I'm incredibly jealous of your dinner at the restaurant :) JUST LOVELY! x

  2. Hi Hannah, love your blog! Quinoa is one of the food that I'd love to love, but I haven't found a good recipe yet. Your porridge looks interesting, I'll try to make it when the weather permits (it's 33 degree now!)

    X Amanda

  3. Crazy delicious eats here, lady. I adore french onion soup. good luck with the job hunt!
    Heidi xo

  4. Annette- totally try the porridge, I had a kiwi on my muesli this morning in fact!

    Amanda- wooah hot! I love just adding quinoa in salads, it's delish :)

    Heidi- Thanks, I hope I find one soon :)