Saturday, November 12, 2011

Signs of a good weekend...

1. Deli delights! Baguette, French olives, South Australian muscatels & ricotta. These divine goodies inspired a gourmet platter for lunch, I made for my mother and I. Muscatels are oh so delicious! 
2. Finding a perfect pair of black boots. It was on Friday when I saw one of these shoes but couldn't find the other (there were 3 baskets full of lots of shoes!) and many of the pairs were not in the same basket! After searching for 20 minutes I gave up, but went back on Saturday morning. And another 15 minutes later and with the help of another lady I found the other. For $4 it was certainly worth it :) 
3. Getting excited about summer while reading Yen. But why must gorgeous swimmers be so expensive! If only that Zimmermann vintage inspired floral swimsuit wasn't $375...

Enjoy the sunshine!

Hannah x


  1. I want those bathers. But you're right, there is NO way I could justify that. I'm so in love with florals though...
    Heidi xo

  2. YUMMM! Your deli delights look devine! Great boots too! X