Thursday, December 15, 2011

Healthy market finds...

Hello :) Let's get to the point. Why am I showing a few fabulous finds I have from the markets? Well you see, I have been lucky enough to score a job assisting at an Ethiopian food stall at markets, two days a week. On Wednesday I work at the Entertainment Quarter (next to Fox Studios) & on Thursday at Bondi Village markets. It was by chance that we had a mutual friend, and she knew I was looking for a job. So far it's been great- I help set up the stall, prepare the curries by washing the rice & lentils (there are 2 lentil, 2 chicken, 1 beef and 1 salsa), serve food, collect money & clean/pack up.

To be honest, I'm just so thrilled I'm working somewhere I want to work and enjoy working, and the fact it's a food stall where I get to learn about Ethiopian cuisine is too exciting!

I've been learning a lot about the amount preparation and cleaning that goes into the stall & just how tasty Ethiopian food is! All the large pots of bubbling, fragrant curries...I very much look forward to my lunch break, where I usually have a flat bread/pancake (injera) with various curries. Yum :)

Now I just love looking at food market stalls with homemade cheeses, breads, fresh fruit & vegetables etc. And for these past two weeks, I've been quite happy to spend some of my money on a few products that have caught my eye so far...

Green drink. I know, it looks a little scary! But it's full of organic greens (kale, broccoli, silverbeet) as well as grapefruit and orange and honey which gives it a nice sweetness. It's delicious- very energising indeed! I've seen the stall at uni, where they sell kale bars too.

Goji berries. I thought it was about time I tried some goji berries, after reading so much about them! Luckily I got a bit of a staff discount too ;) I really like the taste of them & grabbing a handful to snack on. I think they'd go very well in a mix of raw nuts, shredded coconut and dried fruit :) 

The guy who sells these also sells Loving Earth products, such as activated nuts, which means they've been dried in the sun then dehydrated- and he said to think of them as "pre-digested", as the enzymes have been released. Good stuff :) 

Tamari almonds. The perfect snack- and something a little different and more interesting than raw almonds. I adore the salty taste...mmmmm! 

It's fun being a worker at the stall! Serving lunch to staff, who'll give us delicious cherries in return & buying fresh apples to snack on. And working, even if it's just two days so far means my dreams of travelling to Europe next year around June are becoming a little bit more of a reality ;) 

Have you tried these products or Ethiopian food before? 

Hannah x


  1. HA! What a cool place to work!!! I've tried Ethiopian food before, I like their meat "curries" and injira bread.. I can't spell injera... anyway.. goji berries are the bomb I snack on dried ones with almonds at work.

  2. hehe don't worry, I had to look up how to spell it! Yum, what an awesome snack :)

  3. What a fab job!! Just catching up on your posts now, all wonderful it looks :) That green juice looks awesome. Want!!
    Heidi xo