Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seeded rye sourdough with goats curd & rocket/mint/avocado pesto

Hello :) My Saturday morning involved going to Eveleigh markets with my sister. I always love the atmosphere of the markets & it was especially busy this morning, with everything stocking up of gourmet goodies in time for Christmas!

Isn't my sisters silk shirt stunning!
The goodies we took home from the markets included seeded rye sourdough, fresh goats curd, pumpkin falafels & extra virgin olive oil. It was my first time buying fresh goats curd, and even though it was a little pricey, I just had to buy a small tub after sampling some on bread. Super creamy!
I decided to make a light lunch for myself using some ingredients I'd just purchased. I knew I wanted to have the goats curd on the seeded rye sourdough and thought something green would look nice on top. Pesto was the immediate thought, however we didn't have any basil, so I simply made one up with the ingredients we had. 

Rocket, mint & avocado pesto. 
1-2 handfuls of rocket
small handful of mint
1/4 avocado
handful of pinenuts 
a few glugs of extra virgin olive oil 
Lightly toast the pine nuts then blend all the ingredients, using as much olive oil as necessary. I pour a little at a time until it all comes together.

Even though I bought extra virgin olive oil at the markets, I use a cheaper one in pestos and hummus etc and use the more gourmet & expensive one in salad dressings and on bread with dukka.

Light lunch.
Seeded rye sourdough with goats curd & rocket/mint/avocado pesto. 
Fresh, vibrant & wholesome. 
And after the markets, we headed off to Anglicare where I found this beautiful mug! I love that there is a decent amount of room between the cup and handle, to grip. It sounds silly but these things are necessary! It's the kind of cup I imagine having a robust loose leaf black tea, like an english breakfast or darjeeling! 
I really need to stop reading simply breakfast, because I want to copy her layouts!
And here I am, relaxing with my Saturday reads...
I've had to stop reading The Hobbit for a little while, because I've started Norweigan Wood which I had reserved at the library. Has anyone read any Haruki Murakami? So far I love the book & I'm hoping my library has a copy of 1Q84, I can read afterwards.
Oh and Frankie is out! There's an article about growing your own herbs. Guess who's going to be sipping on fresh rosemary tea a little later on :) 

Hannah x


  1. They styling on Simply Breakfast is amazing. It's one of my go to websites.

    Your pesto looks great. I've never had goats curd but if it's anything like goats cheese I'll take it!

  2. Lovely post. :) You and your sis are gorj and your light lunch looks delish. I definitely need to make tea and books a more frequent part of my life. My boyfriend is reading 1984 at the moment and is loving it. Enjoy! X

  3. murakami is the best! NW is in my top 5 favs. enjoy!
    i love eveleigh. missed it yesterday.

  4. Sarah- thanks, I know you make fab dips/pestos!! I think goats curd is simply softer than the goats cheese, really v. similar!

    Sonya- oh tea & reading are always on my weekend to-do :) 1984 is an awesome novel :)

    holly- eveleigh is SO great, I always spend too much though hehe ;)

  5. that pesto looks and sounds freakin' delicious, i need to make it ASAP!

  6. Simply stunning! & I love Simply Breakfast too :)
    Heidi xo