Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas morning brunch...

Hello :) Christmas went so fast! It was lots of fun though. Around lunch time I went to my Grandparents for lunch with family, then on Boxing Day went around to Watsons Bay/Camp Cove with family to see the yacht race, which we usually do. Then it was off for another family dinner...so much good food!

On Christmas morning though, we woke up late, opened presents & relaxed! And we had a delicious brunch too, which I took a few snapshots of...

We kind of had 2 brunches! So first of all we all had some baked oatmeal with chai tea. I like getting out all the pretty plates & teacups.
I put lots of berries and walnuts on top. It was the perfect start to the day...
 Brunch number two! We had a fruit salad with pear, nectarine, strawberries & blueberries and pikelets with homemade strawberry jam. The whole point of making the pikelets was really so I could show off my jam :)
 Look at the T2 teacups I received! They're so gorgeous and are actually a decent size too. And my sister bought me some herbal tea!
 It sounds so yummy and refreshing!

I also got a yoga mat (which I asked for), so now I might start going to yoga or pilates classes. I'm not sure whether to start a 6 week course or something or to attend casual classes? Any yoga or pilates class recommemdations around Inner West Sydney? 

How did you celebrate Christmas?

Hannah x


  1. Hi Hannah,

    Love your food and gifts. Yumm pikelets and jam! So good.

    I would recommend attending a 6 week beginners course to start with, so you're motivated to keep going and learning. Yoga is an incremental practice and there is a lot to learn!

    I did a 10 week course when I first started, which was so good. I now go casually but am about to re-book in for a 10 week term, as I find being 'forced' to go each week (cos I don't want to lose my money) is a great motivation.

    Good luck! x

  2. PS. This site is handy!


    What type of yoga do you think you are looking for?

    More energetic, or relaxing? Hehe xo

  3. Do you have a recipe for your baked oatmeal? Looks so good!!

  4. Annette- thanks so much for the advice! Yes, I'd love to do a course I think, just need to find one that isn't too pricey! I think I want to do something energetic, relaxing but I'd really love to improve flexibility too & strength :)

    Passionate Shopper- oh thanks, I've just included the link to the post I did on it! :)

  5. We do a fruit salad for Christmas breakfast. Your brunches look so good!! Even better with pretty plates ;) Totally craving pikelets now.
    Heidi xo