Sunday, December 18, 2011

Medjool dates stuffed with goats curd & orange peel

Hello :) I'm not really into making fancy desserts. After dinner I'm usually not hungry and if I am after an our or two, I'll simply sip on herbal tea or graze on nuts, fruit, or vitaweats with almond butter. This evening however, I felt like having some sweet after dinner. Call me weird, but medjool dates were my first thought. And since we had plenty of goats curd, which I bought yesterday I decided to stuff them with that.

Ok, so medjool dates stuffed with goats curd. So rich and creamy! What could I add that would give a little fruity or fresh bite? Grated orange peel, that's what!

So medjool dates stuffed with goats curd & orange peel were enjoyed as an after dinner treat. I can imagine they'd be great to take to parties or picnics and could jazz up any cheese platter! Don't have any goats curd or orange peel? What about stuffing them with pomegrante seeds for a delightful, fruity crunch or nut butters. How versatile!

Have a lovely week everyone. It's Christmas in week, oh my!

Hannah x


  1. SUCH a good idea and the perfect lunchbox snack... and it's good for your bowels too.. heheheeheheeee sorry, it's the nurse in me!!!

    yum, yum... will totally replicate this during the week!!


  2. YUM. I might make these for my 'bring a plate' event tomorrow.

  3. Sounds like an good quirky combination, and so cute for entertaining!

  4. Wow I would never have thought to put these things together! But I can see how it would work, will try out very soon. Thanks!

  5. Blithely Unaware- haha it totally is good for bowels!! hope you make them :)

    Katya- that would be great!

    leaf- thanks :)

    Sophie- thanks, it does seem to work well :) You could try adding ricotta instead too!

  6. yum yum yum. I'm truly obsessed with fresh dates. But had never thought of orange peel with the goats curd. Just beautiful!
    Heidi xo