Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pumpkin bread with walnuts & cranberries

Hello :) This is going to be part of a series of sugar free baking. I've been inspired to eliminate sugar from my diet for a little while, particularly by Sarah Wilson, who recently wrote a "quit sugar" e-book as well as bloggers (here & here). I know everything in moderation and all that jazz, and I'm not cutting it out for good (hello Christmas!) but more as an experiment to see how I feel, and to try baking lots of sugar free delights!

My first sugar free baking attempt: Pumpkin bread with walnuts & cranberries. Here's a link to the recipe :)

I did change a few ingredients depending on what I had. I replaced the pecans with walnuts, the extra virgin olive oil with grapeseed oil, the fresh cranberries with dried cranberries and I used a small butternut pumpkin.

Mine didn't look as moist and light as hers, although I think it's because I used a bit less oil & maple syrup. But it was still really delicious! And topped with a spread of butter...yum yum!

I've already bookmarked lots more delicious sugar free baking recipes. How fun!

Hannah x


  1. I love pumpkin bread! Always good to limit added sugar in baking where you can. The sugar from cranberries is enough! Although cranberries often have sugar added in the drying process...but yes far better than loading it up with added sugar. The term "sugar free" gets my goat a little, as many people don't understand that fruit is a good sugar! But 'natural sugar' baking is great :) This looks far more nutritious than the brownies I made the other day which had 2 cups of sugar in the recipe - can you believe it?!?!?! Great work, lovely. I look forward to more of these posts and your feedback on such recipes (healthy baking is tough!! much harder than using butter and sugar. respect).
    Heidi xo
    Heidi xo

  2. Hi Hannah! This looks and sounds delicious! I've recently been buying a loaf of moreish cranberry and pecan bread from M&S, but I will definitely attempt making this version. Thank you for introducing me to Coconut & Quinoa ... the recipes are mouth-watering!