Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eggplant curry

Hello :) This evening for dinner I decided to make an Eggplant curry. For the past few weeks in our house we've been ordering a weekly box of fruit & vegetables from Aussie Farmers Direct and this week we received an eggplant! I actually quite like getting an array of fruit & vegetables delivered because it means we have to come up with ways of using them up and it means we end up eating more fresh food which is always a good thing! Despite talking about eggplants a few times on this blog, I haven't actually cooked with them apart from making the occasional baba ghanoush.

So when I came across this recipe for Eggplant curry in a blog called My Darling Lemon Thyme (the same blog I got the coconut chocolate cupcake recipe from!) I bookmarked it immediately!  I've bookmarked other recipes too I hope to make soon including baked butter beans and carob tofu bliss balls. Yummo!

Now back to this recipe, and it turned out wonderfully! It was very simple and quick to make and highly recommended! All the spices which included ginger, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and cayenne pepper gave it a real kick and flavour boost. The eggplant was really soft and nourishing and the coriander on top was perfect. We all had this for dinner sitting by the heater. It was lovely! I also put a dollop of greek yoghurt on which I do on most curries/soups. Next time I might try cooking brown rice to go with it too. So yes, definitely making this again :)

Hannah x

P.S. Since I'm on holidays I'm going to be doing lots of cooking/blogging this coming week! My list of things to make include vegetarian lasagna (which I'm making tomorrow!), coconut cake, red quinoa salad, baked butter beans and maybe a lentil shepherds pie. Oh my, can't wait! :) 


  1. Probably would've tasted better with some chicken.

  2. I've never made an eggplant curry but might need to now! It looks fab.

  3. Hannah this looks great.

    Vege lasagne, and a vege shepherds pie is also on my menu this week :)
    Can't wait to see the coconut cake.

  4. Adrian- A.

    sassy- Yes you should! So quick and delicious :)

    Leah- thanks! Awesome- they're so comforting, I haven't made lasagna is ages! Can't wait :)

  5. Looks great, Hannah! I'm newly obsessed with eggplant. Can't wait to catch up with your blog posts soon!
    Heidi xo