Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eveleigh markets + muffins

Hello :) This morning as I mentioned I went to Eveleigh farmers markets with A. We got there around 9:30, which was pretty early for us! I was surprised at how many people were there already.
We hadn't had breakfast yet and were very hungry so we both got one of these carrot muffins with cream cheese icing. The muffin was super moist and delicious, although the icing was probably a bit rich for breakfast! 
I also got this small tart with tomato, basil and feta. Really yum! I'd love to make something similar to this, just need to master pastry making!
We got a little excited about Kylie Kwongs stall "Billy Kwong" so A wanted to get dumplings from there. Although he got a little starstruck ("omg I've seen her on TV"), so I had to order them for him...
He thought they were nice but the vinegar broth was a little strong. 
I also bought some wholemeal spelt bread from Sonoma's bakery and some lovely honey! Bread and honey= winning combination! I really wanted to get ricotta too but couldn't find any. 

So that was how I spent my morning. Later in the afternoon we decided to make some muffins. I decided to try a recipe I'd seen on a really great blog I've recently discovered. They're flourless chocolate coconut cupcakes and the recipe can be found here

The ingredients list was so simple! Dark chocolate, shredded coconut, eggs and maple syrup. Thats it! There's also coconut milk which is melted with dark chocolate for the ganache icing (although we used coconut cream). I really liked these muffins, they were rich and chocolate-y and gluten free too! :) Just lovely! 

Hope you're having an awesome weekend! 

Hannah x


  1. I've been meaning to get there for ages, looks so vibrant

  2. Awesome you made the chocolate coconut cupcakes. So easy and yum eh? :-)

  3. Heavenly Ingredients- yes it was! Definitely go. It was so great seeing all the local sellers and fresh produce...everything was so tempting :)

    Emma- yes they were!! So simple! Loved the chocolate ganache icing too, I might try that on other cakes. Thanks again :)

  4. It looks awesome! So many great eats :) I love vinegar with my dumplings so prob would have loved Kylie's! Great recipe, I love new and fabulous ways to do things - such a short ingredients list!
    Heidi xo