Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hello :) So this morning A came over for breakfast. To my horror he didn't want any of this quinoa/brown rice porridge/kale crap I keep raving on about so we had to settle on pancakes. Not that I'm complaining ;)

Here's a link to the recipe :)

And that was my Saturday morning! I'm planning on making some super healthy raw chocolate macarons later, so I'll keep you posted! 

Hannah x


  1. I'll be waiting for those macaroons!

    None of my family or most friends eat like I do it so it means I have to be flexible. I can only make decisions for me.

  2. Oh there is going to be pancakes action at my house tomorrow!! The bump and I can't wait ;)
    But im going to add fruit, oats, all sorts or goodies!

    Definitely keep us posted about the chocolate macarons!!

  3. Look at that skilful pouring, this A must be the master of pancake making. Also I would love to see some more exciting avocado/kale/brown rice porridge recipes in the near future.

  4. sassy- hehe I will be making them soon! :)

    Leah- Pancakes on the weekend is always fun! Sounds like yours are going to be delicious!! :)

    Anonymous- Oh A! I'm sure you would love to see those recipes...

  5. I like your pancakes! Very thin and flat just like crepes :) Can you share the recipe? Thank you!!!

  6. Felicia- Thanks :) Thin pancakes are the best!! And I've just posted a link to the recipe, from a previous post. Enjoy making them! x

  7. oh my gosh this looks good.. i think im going to go make breakfast now

  8. Yummm these look amazing!!



  9. i see healthy and macaroon in the same sentence, i like the sound of that. i will be tuning back in for that recipe for sure.

    nice job on the pancakes, i feel like making them now but just finished scoffing down some porridge.

  10. Dilan Dilir- thankyou! :)

    Francesca Felix- Aw thanks :)

    Flashes of Style- thanks!

    Chels- hehe yes! Although they are not the french 'macaroons'. But still look delicious...they're in my fridge at the moment, nearly ready! :)

  11. Gosh, those pancakes look INCREDIBLE! I can TASTE them! Your blog is so inspiring Hannah :) xo

  12. Annette- Oh thanks Annette :) :) They were very yummy, light and crepe like. And I do love reading your blog :) x

  13. Yay, pancakes!! :) Love them. These look super thin and crepe like, I miss this style.
    Heidi xo

  14. pancakes are my fav, looks so tasty!

  15. Yummy! Pancakes are my favorite too!

    Come visit me
    Karoline Kalvo