Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Miso and avocado?

Hello :) So here's a conversation I overheard in a health food shop a week or so ago.

Customer: This spelt bread looks really nice!
Shop assistant: You know, I'm really enjoying that with avocado and vegemite.
Customer: Oh really! I've never tried that before
Shop assistant: Yeah. It's also really nice with miso paste and avocado. It still has the same salty flavour but without the yeast.

Well it went something like that! I was next in line, as this man was about to buy his fancy pants spelt bread. It was very coincidental after just trying avocado and vegemite a few days previous!! But miso and avocado? That sounds weird! I told this to my friend the other day as we were having morning tea at her house (tea cake and tea, naturally) and we decided to experiment with some on vitaweats and guess what? The combination actually works! Miso is very salty like vegemite but after a quick goggle search found out it contains vitamin B12 (great for vegans/vegetarians), protein and trace elements such as zinc.

Today I also decided to have some on toast. Yum!

So, what do you think? if you have some miso paste and avocado on hand, try it (and tell me what you think!) I dare you, hehe

Hannah x

Have a great week!!


  1. Oh I haven't tried miso and avocado, but Im a huge fan of vegemite and avocado, on crackers or toast! I'll have to give the miso a go :)

  2. Every time I see your vegemite and avocado I want to give it a go! I can't seem to get past the fact that I love avocado on toast so much by itself that I scared to try something new.
    Next time I get one I will definitely do it.

  3. Well I'm glad you found some nutrition benefits from your "goggle" search. It's just gives me that incentive to try this out ;) Although I think I will always prefer tea and tea cake, naturally.

  4. miso and avocado actually sounds delicious! i don't have any miso paste on hand, but i might have to pick some up next time i head out to the store.

  5. yum! love this :-)


  6. Leah- you should give it a go! :)

    sassy- I know the combination sounds odd, but it's always fun trying new things (even if you don't like it..hehe)

    Tilly- Well tea and tea cake is always scrumptious :)

    SORDESCO- thanks! you should try it :)

    alessandra nitti- thanks :)

  7. omg i already eat this! swear! its sooo yummy!!! sometimes i toast the bread with pesto and olive oil :)

  8. jamie- yay- that's awesome!! Oh my, that sounds so delish with pesto and olive oil :)

  9. I haven't had miso before, but Ive had vegemite and avocado, its the best :)

  10. Caroline- I know, right!! I love it when weird combinations actually work, hehe :)

  11. Avocado and vegemite is a tradition in my family! My youngest brother has always LOVED it. And now I feed it to my kids. Miso and avocado is something I have not tried, but to me (with my hippy upbringing) that doesn't sound weird at all :-) My dad loves to eat Miso spread on toast. I'll have to suggest he tops it with avocado too!