Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello hello :) Well I have one exam left until I'm free from Uni for a whole month!! It's very exciting :) I was only going to blog after my exams, except tomorrow I have psychology and well...it's not too difficult! I was going to call this post 'study snacks', as in food I've been eating whilst studying for exams, but lets be honest, I just like taking photos of what I've been eating! Although I must say sometimes I get a little too excited about what I'll be eating when I'm studying and forget about the study itself! Hehe. So here's a few tasty treats I've been eating of late...

I whipped this simple frittata up the other night. And I used coconut oil! It was probably one of the healthiest frittata's I've made with sweet potato, broccoli, mushrooms and pine nuts!
Another very simple, but delicious dish! Pan fried tofu (in coconut oil too!) with steamed broccoli and avocado. And topped with a dash of soy sauce. There was a lot more than this...but I was hungry :)
I'm loving soup at the moment!! I don't use a recipe and just add whatever veges we have (usually carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin) and always add some red lentils or chickpeas for protein. I want to try making other, more interesting soups though including french onion, roast tomato and barley and vegetable! Yum yum. What soups do you love making?
On the long weekend my parents and sister went away for the weekend (so sad, I had to stay home and study). But it was ok because they came back with some delicious treats including this huge berry pie which didn't last long ;) Pastry...now there's something I'd love to make soon!
Poached pears with lots of spices :) 
And some more fruit! Stewed apple and rhubarb. I think poached/stewed fruit is the perfect dessert in Winter! It's warming and comforting without being overly heavy and rich. 
Scones :) 
And who can study without a cup of tea? 

A bit of a peak into what I've been eating lately...

Also I just wanted to say thankyou for all the lovely comments I've been receiving lately :) :) 

Hope you're having a wonderful week!!

Hannah x


  1. I love that you improvise with your soups too Hannah! I call them my 'What's in the Fridge Special' -- and sometimes I find the most 'thrown together' soups are the most delicious! Good luck with your exams.

  2. wow impressive cooking for a girl studying ;-)

    hope your exams go really well!

  3. Your frittata looks impressive and yummy! In my opinion pine nuts go with everything.

  4. Yummo Hannah, this kinda food is right up my alley! :)

    I literally just made myself an omelette with whatever was in the fridge tonight! Looked a lot like your frittata ;) packed full of veg.

    I'm forever making vege soups. But one of my favourites is cauliflower and lentil soup, delish!

  5. love pumpkin soup! g'luck with your exams!

  6. Keely- yes I totally agree! :)

    Heavenly Ingredients- hehe yeah... ;) thanks!

    sassy- they sure do :) gives that little extra crunch!

    Leah- Ooh sounds good :) Cauliflower in soup is delish...an underrated vege in my opinion too!

    suze- thanks :)

  7. wow, what awesome eats!! I hope psychology went well!! I like simmering then pureeing butter beans with some herbs and a little stock, and adding it to my soups.
    Heidi xo

  8. Heidi- thanks!...it went pretty well! Glad it's ALL over :) Oh yum, that sounds delish. I've made a mash with butter beans, but never in soup!