Friday, June 24, 2011

A lovely sunny day.

Hello :) I've finished my first semester at Uni. Hooray!! I'm so excited to have a month to spend sleeping in, cooking, reading, seeing friends, watching movies, going to markets...the list is endless!

Well today I had most of the day to myself. I don't know about you, but I love spending time alone! Luckily it was a beautifully sunny day so I decided to go outside to soak up the sun...

I popped on my favourite vintage shoes. They remind me of bowling shoes!
I planned to go to the newsagents where I bought the latest copy of Frankie. Then I went to the local deli to get a few fresh dates and coconut/apricot/date slices before finally stopping by the coffee shop to get a soy latte. 
I actually take this keep cup with me everywhere, mainly to Uni. It's great for coffee! I bought it at Finders Keepers markets last year and couldn't imagine getting a takeaway coffee cup anymore. What a waste! 
I got a wee bit excited as there was an article on the band Seeker Lover Keeper as well as Bon Iver because they're the two CD's I want at the moment! 
Afterwards I walked to the local library. I haven't read a book in ages so I was determined to find a few good reads. I got out two novels as well as a memoir set in France and a CD. I was so excited to find this CD from a band called 'FLAP' at the local library because I'd listened to them a few times at the National Folk Festival and didn't end up buying their CD, even though I had planned to. What luck! :)
Reading in my room...

And that was how I spend most of my day. My friend who I hadn't seen in ages came over later in the afternoon and we made a hokkien noodle and vege stirfry. It was delish! Gosh I love holidays :) 

Tomorrow I'm going to Eveleigh Farmers markets. What fun!

Hannah x


  1. This sounds like such a perfect day! I'm really bad at spending time by myself... I find it's fun for an hour or two, but I always end up getting bored. Next week when I have a whole day off, I might follow your lead and grab some snacks, a magazine and a coffee then head to a sunny park. You make it sound like so much fun!

    I was thinking of heading to Eveleigh Markets tomorrow too! Loving uni holidays and being able to do fun stuff without feeling guilty for not studying :) Have a great weekend xxx

  2. This is amazing, I'm also planning on going to the Eveleigh Markets tomorrow morning! I guess I'm not the only one who appreciates good food markets. Maybe I'll see you there?! I'll wear a rainbow beanie so you cna find me.

  3. Jane- hehe I very much enjoy my own company! You should totally spend a morning with some yummy food, a the sun!! It's so lovely. Totally agree, loving doing what I please without having to think of study, exams...such joy :)

    Adrian- wow, that is such a coincidence. It's not like we've planned to meet or anything... ;)

  4. My day was pretty similar to yours! Had my last exam for the semester in the morning, went to buy Frankie afterwards. But then I had to go to work, haha. :)

  5. Your day sounds amazing! As i was reading your post i just so many things to comment on..
    1. I LOVE spending time alone
    2. The new Frankie is amazing, I bought mine on Thursday.
    3. I was so happy to find the article on Seeker, Lover, Keeper too! Haven't bought their CD yet but im going to their show in July at Bulli so i'll probably purchase it there if they have it.
    4. Just recently heard Bon Iver on Triple J last week, What a beautiful sound.
    5. And you've reminded me of the 7 library books i borrowed last week and still havent had time to read. Oops.
    Hope your weekend is lovely x

  6. Cathryn- It's an awesome magazine isn't it!! Bet it was a good feeling finished that exam!!! :)

    Jorji- Wow, you're going to they're concert! V. jealous!! I heard Bon Iver on Triple j too :) I've worked out with my friend I'm going to buy Seeker Lover Keeper and she'll buy Bon Iver's CD then we'll swap ;) hehe. thanks for the lovely comment, have a great weekend :)