Sunday, September 11, 2011

An (almost) stress free weekend...

Hello :) I say an "almost" stress free because on Saturday morning I had to go into uni for a Chemistry exam....yuck! Thankfully it's over now, and so are my other mid session exams :) Afterwards I met Adrian at Central and we briefly saw the flower show in David Jones, which was lovely then had gelato at Circular Quay (I got mango, in anticipation for mango season which is starting!!), and shared some gozleme at the Rocks markets. Yum!

Later in the evening, I met some gorgeous friends in Glebe and we shared an amazing dinner which included beetroot risotto with walnuts, goats cheese and spinach. It was delicious! And then we walked to the Seymour centre to see a show called "Pirate rhapsody mermaid requiem" as part of Sydney Fringe Festival. We also discovered a pop up bar in Newtown as part of the festival, full of 1920's decor and live jazz music!

Now onto Sunday...

I had a slice of this brown rice tart for brekky this morning, which my mother made the night before and a big mug of green tea :)
Later in the morning I went to Bondi markets and there was a kite flying fair on at the beach!
At the markets I found a very sweet vintage Country Road dress, how could I say no to polka dots? The dropped waistline to me seems reminiscent on the 1920's, love! I know this isn't a fashion blog, but oh well, here's what it looks like.... :) 

And also, a week ago I finished "Perfume: the story of a murderer" which I really enjoyed! This week I didn't read a novel as I had 3 exams but next week I'm going to put my intellectual cap back on and read George Orwell's classic 1984! Have any of you read it? 

I've had hardly any time to cook this weekend, which is a shame because there's so many yummy things I have bookmarked to make! But hopefully next week I'll be cooking up a storm :) 

Oh and here's a song I've had on repeat this week, cause isn't it nice to be alive!! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

Hannah x


  1. That dress looks amazing on you!!
    Sounds like such a great weekend!

    I have read 1984 wayyy too many times to count!! J can't stand that I'm such a conspiracist - I'm convinced Orwell knew what he was on about, and as such freak out about the govt and corporations watching over me!! haha!! I have set myself a reminder to get Perfume! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. Haha! yes the ducks are one of my favourite things about uni in wollongong! I love when they all line up at Subway and the subway lady has to lead them back out with bread!! They are so funny, even when they peck at me for food!!

    ooh okay!! I usually don't come to uni on tuesdays - but this week I will be to chill in the library and hopefully finish this killer assignment i've been whingeing about for the last two weeks haha!
    It will be lovely to run into you and hopefully it is sunny so we can walk!! I get on at Hurstville!

  3. Oooh I love that polka dot dress! It suits your perfectly. Aside from the chem exam, it sounds like it was a lovely weekend :) xx

  4. Michaela- oh thankyou :) Yay, sounds like a great read then, if you've read it many times!! Ooh yes go read perfume! :) xo

    Jane- thanks! hehe yes I totally forgot about the exam once I left..:) xo

  5. Goodness we have similar tastes :) I loved 1984 and love Ball Park Music. Have been wanting to read Perfume, will have to put that on my list. LOVE the dress and the sound of the jazz bar & brown rice tart. All round fabulousness :)
    Heidi xo

  6. Heidi- Thanks :) Aw so nice to hear you loved the book and Ball Park Music, yay! Definitely read Perfume, it's excellent :) xo