Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday/picnic snapshots...

Hello :) So as I mentioned on Wednesday I turned 19 which was pretty exciting! In the evening I went out to a restaurant called Rubyos in Newtown, which I'd walked past the other week, thought "thats looks nice!", and so I booked it the following day :)

We ended up getting a shared grazing degustation which consisted of sparkling wine, 8 small shared courses and dessert. I was a "bad" vegetarian though and decided to eat all the meat and seafood dishes. Woops! Not going to lie, it was all amazingly delicious. We had dishes such as duck pancakes, scallops with a wasabi infused edamame crush, panfried halumi with a watermelon, coriander and mint salsa, soft shelled crab and a caramelised pear salad with baked ricotta.

(...So technically I'm not "vegetarian" anymore, but this is why I said I don't like labelling! I felt comfortable with the idea of eating meat at the time but 99% of the time I'm always going to choose the vegetarian option.)

Mmmm sparkling wine... it had a splash of creme de cassis too (not sure what that is though!)
Why hello there Adrian...
And this was our dessert plate which consisted of a flourless chocolate torte, dark cherry sorbet and a blood orange panna cotta. It was seriously good! 

Afterwards we had cocktails at the Sydney Fringe Festival bar 5 Eliza, just off King St. I was pretty tired at uni the next day but it was worth it :) 


And today, since the weather was nice we decided to have a picnic at Coogee beach! I made lots of yummy pesto pasta for lunch.
It was so sunny and warm...
Some brave people went swimming, I bet the water would have been freezing!
We walked around to Clovelly which was nice!
Just playing "tourist". Hello!

For my birthday, I asked for Heidi Swanson's cookbook, so hopefully that'll come in the mail soon :) I also received a voucher to get a massage, can't wait for that!! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone :) 

I'm going to be catching up with friends, finishing a nutrition assignment and hopefully doing lots of cooking! I actually just made this eggplant curry, which was delicious (and served it with cous cous), so if you have a spare eggplant I suggest you make it too ;) 

Hannah x


  1. Happy belated birthday fellow virgo! Looks like you celebrated in style.

    I used to love doing that walk from Bondi around to Tamarama then Bronte when I used to live in Syndey. Coogee is lovely too :-)

    I hope your copy of supernatural everyday arrives real soon, it's amazing.

  2. Happy birthday for the other day!! Sounds like you had a great day, and the photos are gorgeous. Looks like Sydney turned on some of it's best weather especially for you :) xxx

  3. Oh my bad, the photos were from today. I loooooove Coogee. When I win the lottery, I'm moving there! Have a great weekend xxx

  4. Oh I love that walk around Sydney. I am from Brisbane (but live in Saudi Arabia now) but we were home in Australia only last month and made a weekend trip down to Sydney and hung around Coogee for the day - we had a pregnant friend so we didn't do the walk which I was hanging out to do! And yeah I don't like labels either. I wrote something along those lines on my blog here last year which got loads of attention and comments. Check it out

  5. Emma- yay, virgo twins! That walk is so lovely as well, I love that the 3 beaches are in such close proximity! Ooh good to hear the book is great :)

    Jane- Thanks, it was a wonderful day! hehe I'd love to move there too!!

    Girl on Raw- oooh I really love reading your blog!! Coogee is so nice, isn't it! I'll definitely check out that article, looks interesting!