Monday, September 26, 2011

Toasted baguette with roasted tomato basil pesto, ricotta & avocado

Hello :) Well I've had quite a lovely morning. It started with a sleep in until 10am, followed with a stroll up to my local library to borrow my novel for this week. It's Ian McEwan's latest novel, Solar. I read his novel Atonement a few years back, loved it  and even re-read it a year ago. So I'm interested to see how this compares! Have you read any of his novels?

Afterwards I wandered up to my favourite deli/grocer to buy some ingredients for my lunch. I came out with a baguette, tomatoes, basil, an avocado, garlic and fresh ricotta. I knew I wanted to make this roasted tomato and basil pesto from Angela's ever amazing blog and decided I'd serve it on some fresh toasted bread with avocado and ricotta. 

Look at those beauties! Roasting tomatoes is so simple, intensifying the flavour and making them so sweet, juicy and delicious!
Fresh, delicious ingredients...

And here's how I made my lunch...

1. Lightly toast bread under the griller
2. Spread on a generous amount of the roasted tomato basil pesto 
3. Layer with some sliced avocado
4. Spoon on fresh ricotta
5. Garnish with fresh basil
6. Eat and smile in delight at this tasty lunch you've created! The pesto is freaking creamy and full of flavour! 
Angela says to use 1.5 cups of the roasted tomatoes, so we had 4 halves left. I made this for my mother as well, so we were able to have 2 roasted tomato halves with our toasted baguettes. Um, yum!

So there we have it. There's quite a bit of leftover pesto, so I'm already thinking of having some of the pesto tonight for dinner with wholemeal spaghetti and spinach leaves....

Hannah x


  1. What a yummy lunch Hannah. I think the dinner sounds great too ;)

  2. Leah- thanks, it was super yummy :) x

    PassionateShopper- good to hear, it's a great book! x

  3. that look super delicious I think I'll try that for breakfast!

  4. Paula- thanks, I hope you do :) x

    Bang and Buck- yes! :) x

  5. oh yum! love your presentation as well :)

    new follower, you have a great blog!


  6. Michaela- it was ;) x

    Natalie- thanks, it's always fun making it look nice, hehe :) And thanks for following, I'll be sure to check your blog out! x