Sunday, September 25, 2011

Millet muffins + rainy day snapshots...

Hello :) Just when I'm finally on a mid session break from uni, it starts to rain! Oh well I can't really complain as Friday was so sunny & warm, a teaser of what is to come! I was out at the Quay Dendy watching One Day, which I first shall say was wonderful :) Most of all because it was set in London and Paris, and oh my, her apartment in Paris was just divine...

Anyway! A few days ago I received my copy of 'Super natural every day', which came as a belated birthday present :) Well seeing how today, the weather is a quite gloomy I just had to try a recipe. And obviously it had to involve baking! I found a recipe for millet muffins, which as per usual got me quite excited and we had just enough millet to make them so I whipped up a batch straight away.

The muffins are very nice, not too overly sweet (the recipe uses honey instead of sugar) and very dense thanks to the yoghurt. The millet is great too! I might try substitute the butter for rice ban oil next time though to make it a bit lighter. Here's a link to the recipe :) It's in a PDF folder with a few recipes from her cookbook, so you can catch a glimpse if you haven't already. Flicking through the book, there's just so many yummy treats I want to make. Being vegetarian helps too as I can make use of the entire book.


Also, when the weather is a little crappy, I reach for simple pleasures and here's some I've been enjoying recently.

Tea. Of course, like you haven't heard it enough! But I've recently received two new teas as birthday gifts. The Dilmah Exceptional tea which 'combines black tea with the flavour of rose with a hint of french vanilla' is just delighful! I've been taking it to uni on days when I don't feel like coffee. Because who likes paying $3 for tea? Not me!
I also received this Monk Pear tea from T2 which consists of Chinese black tea combined with sweet pear and jasmine petals. It's such a beautiful, light black tea and I've been having far too many cups of it already! 
Books. Yes, I'm still going with my 'book per week' goal. This week I started A Life in Frocks, a frivolous memoir about a love for clothes. I'm nearly finished and have found it quite delightful! Yes, it's a book about clothes but I honestly don't think having a love for clothes is vain, as I have quite an interest in fashion, particularly vintage.
Lipsticks. There's nothing like a bright lipstick to lift your mood! I recently purchased this gorgeous Laura Mercier lip stain as I was looking for a red lipstick. The colour is just as pigmented as a lipstick, but it's also very moisturising and you apply it like a lipbalm. Brilliant! 

Well I'm off to listen to Kimbra's new album (which is rather spectacular!), and finish reading my book. I was planning to go out later to the Red Rattler (in Marrickville) as part of the Fringe Festival with a friend, so I hope it stops raining soon! 

 I hope your weekend has been relaxing...I'm almost too excited that I can sleep in tomorrow. Oh and I have lots and lots of cooking planned for my week off. Expect many more posts ;)

Hannah x


  1. I loooove T2 Monk Pear! So yummy and fresh. xxx

  2. Jane- yay, good to hear! It is fresh, and fruity too! In fact I might go make myself a cuppa... :) x