Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fig + raisin bread on a sunny day...

Hello :) This morning I had a difficult decision to make. I could either listen to a lecture on the male reproductive system which I missed or go with my friend to Newtown to look around, enjoy coffee, cake and buy a loaf of bread. I chose the latter.

We went to Luxe Expresso, just off King St on Missenden Road. They have a-m-a-z-i-n-g food there!! My friend got a custard tart (the best one she's ever had!) and a macchiato and I got a jam torte and a soy cappuccino. Lattes are for the week, and cappuccino's are for the weekend I say ;) They have quite a selection of delicious looking brunches and lunches too but we just felt like coffee and something sweet.

I also got this fig + raisin loaf. Isn't she gorgeous?! When I got home I couldn't resist having a slice or two, but how did I eat it?
Step 1: I arranged the loaf on the paper bag and took arty shots...
Step 2: Cut a thick, generous slice. 
Step 3: Spread with fresh ricotta. I'm kind of going through an obsession with ricotta at the moment. And I shall be making a pasta dish with ricotta tonight!
Step 4: Sprinkled with blueberries. These blueberries were so plump and sweet, I'm so excited they're in season :)
Step 5: Went outside to enjoy my bread in the sunshine!! But don't forget to wear a hat.... :) 

Hope you're soaking up the vitamin D.... 

Hannah x


  1. oh Hannah this bread looks AMAZING

  2. Thanks! they have such amazing breads there- so yum :) xo

  3. Mmmm ricotta on fresh bread is amazing! Sounds like you definitely picked the right choice between the boring lecture and foodie adventure! xxx

  4. Jane- agreeee! I've eaten waay too much though :) xo

  5. This bread looks delicious, and what a great topping to put on it! xx

  6. Rachel- thankyou, it's a great combo :) xo

  7. You look super cute in that last photo!! Lovely hat!
    Cate mentioned you ran into her at Nth Gong this morning? I saw her, but didn't say hello (regrettably) but! This means you must have been on my train! How funny three of us bloggers all in one place!

  8. that was a simple 5 steps of happiness :)

  9. Michaela- haha I know, thats so funny we were all on the same platform!! :) xo

    the bechamel sauce- yes indeed! :) xo