Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Black sticky rice

Hello :) Today's a wee bit miserable in Sydney, but that's nothing that some warm sticky rice can't fix! In the morning my beautiful friend Renee came over too, so I was able to give her some :) I've made sticky rice a few times in the past, but recently when I went to get the rice off the shelf, I found lots of tiny flying bugs in the container...not a pretty sight!

But a few days ago I stumbled across this recipe for Black Sticky Rice and thought it would be perfect! So I wandered up yesterday to my nearby Chinese grocer to get black glutinous rice and coconut milk. Although I'm not sure how ethical it is to buy palm sugar, we were given some a while back so I made use of it.

And here's how mine turned out! Photos courtesy of Renee ;)

It was very delicious!! The palm sugar had such a lovely sticky sweetness! I don't think we cooked it for long enough though because it wasn't that 'sticky', but yum nonetheless! 

And I added some sliced banana on mine. Although next time I might add some fresh sliced mango like I've had at thai restaurants...mmmmmm :) The recipe also made a lot so I might halve it next time too. But it's definitely a keeper! 

Have you ever made sticky rice?

Hannah x


  1. Yours looks great! I'm glad you liked it. :-)

    If you want to substitute something different for the palm sugar, you could try making a similar syrup with brown sugar or just go with maple syrup. (I went maple with some of our leftovers!)

  2. Cindy- Yes I did, thanks for sharing the recipe :) Oh nice suggestion, yes I actually had some leftovers for breakfast this morning with maple syrup on top. Delicious! x

  3. oh this takes me back to Thailand :) How spectacular does black rice look?! delicious. I do need to make this myself one of these days...
    Heidi xo