Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tofu with soba noodles & bok choy

Hello :) So the other night when I went to my friends house for dinner (well I was just going to pick something up...4 hours later) we had tofu as part of our dinner. Her mother said she likes to cook the tofu using egg white to coat the pieces and potato starch (flour) to make it crispy and delicious! And it did taste pretty darn good, so I wanted to make it myself!

I found potato starch quite easily at my local Chinese grocer (I'm lucky to several in my neighbourhood!), as well as soba noodles and shallots.

Tofu with soba noodles & bok choy 

1. Pat (firm) tofu with a paper towel to remove any excess liquid. Cut tofu into thin large pieces, or however you want it!
2. Coat tofu in egg white then dip in potato starch, tipping off any excess
3. Heat a tablespoon of rice bran oil (or any other oil which is good for high temperature cooking) in a pan and wait a few minutes until hot. Then place tofu pieces in hot oil and let it cook for about 5 minutes on each side
4. While the tofu is cooking, boil up water in a pot and cook 1 packed of soba noodles and 1 bunch of bok choy for a few minutes.
5. When the tofu and soba noodles/bok choy are ready serve in bowls and garnish with chopped shallots and sesame seeds, as well as soy sauce and/or sesame oil.

A few key ingredients...
And it's ready! Remember that chopsticks are a must ;)
Mmmmm tofu close up. I was impressed that the potato starch created a nice thin batter, lovely! The result would vary though with different types and textures of tofu. 

Well have a lovely day everyone! I'm actually going to get my hair cut later today. I took the plunge and had it cut yesterday (surprise Adrian!) quite short (a little bit shorter than shoulder length) but I'm not 100% happy with the layers, so I'm going to get it cut a wee bit shorter into a more one length style which I prefer and have previously had. Although this may result in looking about 12, but that is nothing unusual ;) 

Hannah x

Update: I just made this for my mother for dinner and she loved the tofu! I didn't use egg white this time (the tofu seems to be damp enough to soak up the potato starch) and it still turned out great :)


  1. Yum, I love tofu! I haven't had it in ages and this has given me a craving since it looks so good. My main problem with tofu is that it always turns out soggy, but your egg/potato starch batter seems to have made it crispy, right? I may have to try that next time :)

  2. Did you use silken tofu or firm tofu?

  3. Jennifer- Oooh don't worry- it's not soggy :) The potato starch works surprisingly well and it's nice and crispy (yes!). I don't use too much oil (perhaps 1 tablespoon or 2) as well. Do try it :) x

    anon- firm tofu works best :) I think silken tofu would probably fall apart. (I just edited my post to include that!) x

  4. Fabulous, thanks for the potato starch tip!! I've often wondered how they get it nice and crisp :)
    Heidi xo

  5. Heidi- yeah I've often wondered this too!! Problem solved ;) x