Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coffee alternatives

Hello :) So I never said I would cut out coffee altogether, although when I went out for brunch this morning it was the first time I'd had a cup in almost 2 weeks! I've actually been enjoying trying new and rediscovering beverages which I though I'd share.

1. Coconut juice. I'm a bit obsessed with this at the moment! This little bottle costs me $2 at my local Thai restaurant and contains 85% coconut juice, 10% coconut flesh and 5% sugar. So refreshing & delicious, and it has yummy pieces of coconut in it too! I've had coconut water (not sure if that's different?) a few times which really yum too.

2. Rooibos tea & peppermint tea. I started to get a bit sick of green tea so I've switched to these teas. Peppermint tea is a nice 'pick me up' at about 3pm I find, quite refreshing actually! And I only bought rooibos tea a few days ago, as I used to drink it all the time but haven't had any in a while. I'm getting back into it, so good.

Enjoying some rooibos tea in bed :)

3. Apple cider vinegar in water. This one is a bit weird- but very good for you! I've started again adding a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar to my glass of water in the morning. It tastes, well like sweet vinegar, but I don't mind it too much! A very alkaline way to start the day.

5. Roasted dandelion root tea. I haven't really been drinking this lately, but I noticed we had a container of it being neglected at the back of our teas, so I think I'll start drinking it again. It has a strong, nutty taste. 

So tell me, do you like any of the beverages/drinks above? Have you discovered a delicious drink lately?

 Next on my list because I'm a bit kooky, I want to mix liquid chlorophyll in water to increase my intake of greens! Have you tried this?

Hannah x


  1. I love coconut juice!! Its the best thing ever invented haha!

  2. I knowww! So good in this hot weather too :)

  3. I wish I loved coconut water/juice! I have tried so hard to like it, but something about the texture and the sweet/salty flavour makes me gag. Which is annoying because I know how fantastic it is for me *sigh*

    Definitely hear you on the rooibos tea, T2 do a lovely one with fruit in it too. I've never tried the apple cider vinegar thing, what are the health benefits? xx

  4. Cate- I haven't found coconut water to be salty, but it's definitely something you like or you don't! Ooh I think I know that T2 one, yummo. You can see the health benefits of ACV here (, it's actually really nice to add to salads as a dressing with olive oil, honey or whatever :)

  5. * Coconut Juice is delicious! Young coconut water is hydrating but tastes very *fresh*! You can get it with added juice but, I don't mind the plain young coconut water (with no sugar/juice) - it's just, yes, a little fresh ;) I do love me some coconut juice when having a bowl of hot pho mmmmmm
    * I heart rooibos tea!
    * I've only had apple cider vinegar in dressings, this sounds yum though!
    * I've never had roasted dandelion root tea before!! Should give it a go.
    Heidi xo

  6. Heidi- mmmm yes I love coconut water, so good. And you should totally try the roasted dandelion root tea, I've been having it more lately and it's delicious :)